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My wife and I attended the annual Buffalo Public Schools Collage Concert at Shea's. Many of the schools had students performing, representing the best of the best in music. Our own children attend Performing Arts, and this was our first time in Shea's, even though we have lived in Buffalo for 11 years. Our children, as well as other children from other schools, worked very hard to put on this wonderful concert. Before it started, we took center seats, and I marveled at the inside of the theater, the beautiful and ornate style of the place.

Then the concert started, and we sat listening to the beautiful music. The students' hard work and dedication was evident in their concentration and effort. The people in the audience were another matter. I almost thought I was at a prize fight from the amount of talking, cell phone use and outright laughing while these children on stage struggled to show their talents. A family behind us continually talked and laughed at boisterous levels, and when I politely asked them to be quiet, the mother told my wife and I to leave if we didn't like it.

I was dumbstruck at their total lack of respect, their utter disregard for other people's enjoyment of a show and, most of all, their lack of respect for all the children on stage who worked so hard to make this show wonderful.



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