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The State Legislature's vote to override Gov. George Pataki's veto of budget tax increases and its arrogant refusal to consider spending cuts are an insult to the taxpayers of this state. Day after day, I hear taxpayers venting their frustrations on radio talk shows and read their letters written to editors of local papers.

Since the Legislature is in the pocket of unions and lobbyists, I propose a taxpayer union -- volunteers of diverse backgrounds to monitor elected officials and follow their voting records. Members would pay tax-exempt dues to fund media publicity, mailings and other means of getting messages to elected officials and the public. The taxpayer union would be allowed time equal to lobbying groups to present alternative issues before the State and County Legislatures and local boards.

I would gladly go to Albany, Buffalo or local board meetings as a dues-paying, card-carrying taxpayer union member. Elected officials need to be accountable to their real bosses.



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