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President Bush is now claiming that logging in our national forests will save them. He characterizes this as thinning them out to stop forest fires and disease from spreading. Well, maybe he has a point there -- once there are no trees, we sure won't have any fires. And there won't be any bugs in the trees, either.

This is the same reasoning he uses when he dubs his tax reduction program a "jobs program." We all know it's just more of the "trickle down" effect that Republicans have touted for years. In the same vein, the war in Iraq was first billed as a search for weapons of mass destruction, then as a search for Saddam Hussein, then as a quest to free the Iraqi people.

Don't his speech writers realize that people notice each time he shifts gears? Bush lets his voice drop and injects a little folksiness about Texas or "the family" every time he pulls one of these quick changes. He figures this will charm the audience, but it just shows him to be a bumbling fool, and a duplicitous one at that.


Orchard Park

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