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State funds have been released to begin work on widening Main Street and installing new sewers in Clarence Hollow.

The project had been delayed briefly because of the state's budget crisis.

Clarence Councilman Ian R. McPherson told the Town Board on Wednesday that a meeting with prospective sewer customers in the Hollow has been scheduled for 7 p.m. June 18 in Town Hall.

The project calls for installing about 45,000 feet of sanitary sewers for about 500 parcels along Ransom Creek, and will run concurrent with a road widening project that is ongoing along Main Street.

State and federal funds will pay for about 85 percent of the $6.7 million project, which is, in part, aimed at correcting a long-standing pollution problem in the Hollow. The area has been identified as a severely polluted waterway because of septic failure and direct discharges into Ransom Creek.

Town officials were able to pursue the project after striking an agreement with the developers of the proposed 208-acre Waterford Village, north of Roll Road, east of Shimerville Road and west of Thompson Road.

Developers Anthony Cimato and Kevin Curry plan to build a new $5 million, 4.5-mile, 24-inch sewer line that will serve both Clarence Hollow and Waterford Village.

In exchange, the developers will get 1,000 taps over the next 20 to 25 years to hook up new houses to the sewer line, which gives developers the option of future development.

The trunk sewer line will carry effluent from the Hollow and Waterford Village to the Amherst Treatment Plant.

"I believe this is one of the most important improvements to the Town of Clarence in the last 50 years," McPherson said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, he said, a preconstruction meeting on the Main Street road widening and concurrent sewer project has been scheduled for next week.

In another matter Wednesday, Cimato sought concept approval for a proposed 92-lot subdivision called Fox Trace East, between Greiner Road and Meadowbrook Drive. The developer also is seeking a zoning change for the property from Agricultural to Residential-A.

The board voted, 3-2, to send the matter to the town Planning Board. Supervisor Kathleen E. Hallock and Councilman Scott A. Bylewski opposed the move.


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