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Lynn Marinelli has been my Erie County legislator for many years. The districts have changed and I am sorry that I will lose her. She has always been fiscally prudent. I am sure that is the reason she led the opposition to the construction bond issue.

Why does the GOP label anyone who doesn't rubber stamp any idea that comes from County Executive Joel Giambra as an obstructionist? What happened to the idea that we have separation of powers so there are checks and balances? In a democracy, it is important that all opinions are heard.

Marinelli has always been a hard worker who cares about the people in our county and has done her best for them. If we wanted to have just one person run the whole county, we could dispense with elections and save some money. I think we benefit from discussions of different points of view. I respect Marinelli for her watchdog efforts to keep Erie County from drowning in debt. Remember, the debt has to be repaid -- with interest.


Town of Tonawanda

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