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Dogged by controversy from his first day, the British monarch's representative in Australia resigned Sunday to remove the largely ceremonial post from the taint of scandal.

Peter Hollingworth's decision to step down as governor general came just two days after a court dismissed a civil lawsuit claiming he raped a woman almost 40 years ago. He had denied the allegation.

But the court decision did nothing to ease public anger over his mishandling of child sex abuse cases while he was an Anglican Church archbishop during the 1990s.

He previously admitted "errors in judgment" for allowing a known pedophile to continue working as a priest.

Hollingworth, 68, said the public uproar compelled him to quit as governor general.

"Despite the misplaced and unwarranted allegations made against me as governor general, it is clear that continuing public controversy has the potential to undermine and diminish my capacity he said in a statement.

Protest rally in Caracas
leads to death, 17 injuries

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- One person was killed and 17 others injured when an opposition party held a protest in a slum area considered a stronghold of President Hugo Chavez.

Once political heavyweights, Democratic Action emerged from relative obscurity to hold Saturday's rally, challenging the president in his own back yard -- the crime-infested slum of Catia.

Several hundred turned up before unidentified gunmen interrupted the rally, and protesters ran for cover.

One man was shot and killed, said district mayor Freddy Bernal, though it was unclear whether he was participating in the rally. Ten people were wounded by gunfire, and seven more were treated for cuts from glass bottles. None of the injuries was life-threatening, said a Caracas health officer.

Police sharpshooters stationed on a rooftop above the rally fired at public housing buildings where the shots apparently originated several blocks away.

Indonesian troops accused
of targeting civilians

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AP) -- Indonesia's military denied Sunday that it is targeting civilians in a week-old offensive against separatist rebels in Aceh province

More than 30,000 soldiers are hunting 5,000 poorly armed guerrillas who have mostly retreated into the jungles or melted into the civilian population. The army attacked after peace talks aimed at ending the 27-year-old rebellion broke down.

In Aceh and other separatist-minded provinces in Indonesia, the army has been accused of setting up and arming civilian militias to terrorize independence supporters.

There have been several reports of troops killing civilians in Aceh, including some Sunday.

"It is not true. I have not received such reports," military operation spokesman, Lt. Col. Ahmad Yani Basuki, said when asked about one incident. "The Indonesian military is committed to protecting civilians."

People in Peusangan in northern Aceh said government troops stormed into the village early Sunday and killed three fishermen.

U.S. Embassy, consulates
reopen in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- The U.S. Embassy in the Saudi capital reopened Sunday after a temporary closure because of terror threats in the days after suicide attackers bombed Western housing compounds.

American consulates in the western port city of Jiddah and the eastern city of Dhahran also reopened Sunday.

The United States, Britain, Germany and Italy closed their embassies and consulates Tuesday after Saudi and U.S. officials said they had new intelligence pointing to the possibility that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida group might launch fresh attacks in the United States or against American interests overseas.

Britain and Germany reopened their embassies and consulates Saturday. The Italian Embassy also reopened Sunday.

A message on the U.S. Embassy hotline Saturday night urged Americans in the kingdom to continue to exercise "extreme caution and remain vigilant."

Security in Riyadh has been greatly increased since the May 12 suicide bombing attacks that killed 34 people -- including eight Americans, two Britons and nine attackers -- and injured nearly 200.

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