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For the Week May 18 - 24
Increased Dividends
Quarterly unless noted otherwise
American Express .....10 from .08
American Natl Bkshs Va. .....19 from .18
Britton & Koontz Cp MS .....32S from .31S
Capital City Bk Grp .....17 from .13
Cato Corp A, .....16 from .15
C&F Fcl .....18 from .16
Clair's Stores .....06 from .04
Education Develop .....10A from .06A
Fauquier Bkshs .....12 from .11
Fst Fcl Cp .....68S from .62S
Imperial Oil Ltd g .....22 from .21
Peoples Hldg Co MS .....28 from .27
Rayonier Inc .....27 from .24
Republic Bncp A (KY) .....066 from .055
Republic Bncp B (KY) .....06 from .05
Roslyn Bncp .....155 from .15
Talbots Inc .....10 from .09
Warwick Valley Telephone .....50 from .48
Special Dividends
Prudential Total Return Bd.... .0053
Target Portfolio Tr Mtge.... .013
Declared Stock Dividends
Atlantic Bnc Grp.... 20pc
BCF Fcl.... 15pc
Dearborn Bncp.... 5pc
Independence Fed Svgs Bk.... 10pc
Somerset Hills Bancorp.... 5pc
Omitted or Suspended Dividends
Vestin Group Inc
Chapter 11
Small Town Radio Inc
Weirton Steel Corp
Emerged from Chapter 11
Group Management Corp
Declared Stock Splits
Capital City Bk Grp ....5 for 4
Old Dominion Freight ....3 for 2
New Century Fncl Cp ....3 for 2
Rayonier Inc ....3 for 2
Riverside Bcshs ....3 for 2
Utd Finl Cp ....3 for 2
Stock Splits This Week
James Monroe Bancorp.... 5-4
New York Community Bancorp.... 4-3
Nissin Co Ltd.... 2-1
SciQuest Inc.... 1-7.5 rev
Annual Earnings Higher
ICTS Intl ....8.80 vs 4.09
Polo Ralph Lauren ....1.76 vs 1.75
Westell Technol .....11 vs loss
Annual Earnings Lower
Benihana Inc ....1.01 vs 1.11
Nu Horizons Elec.... loss vs .13
Palm Harbor Homes .....14 vs .85
Roxio Inc.... loss vs .13
Acquisitions and Mergers
Minimum value $100 million
Chiron Corp -
PowderJect Pharmaceuticals ($870M)
MAF Bancorp Inc -
St. Francis Capital Corp ($264M)
Wells Fargo & Co -
Pacific Northwest Bancorp ($623M)
NYSE Stocks and Derivatives
Fannie Mae 5.125pc pfL
General Motors Corp 7.375pc notes
due 5-15-2048
Hartford Financial Services Group
7pc equity units
Interstate Power Co 8.375pc pfB
Morgan Stanley SATURNS for May Dept Stores
6.25pc due 1-15-2032
NYSE Bonds
MDC Holdings Inc 5 1/2 pc notes due 5-15-2013
AMEX Stocks and Derivatives
Morgan Stanley PLUS linked to S&P500 6-30-04
AMEX Stocks and Derivatives
Laidlaw Global Corp
MAI System Corp
Nasdaq NNM
Chester Bancorp Inc
TFC Enterprises Inc
Corporate Name Changes
Alpha Hospitality Corp to Empire Resorts Inc
Caldera International to SCO Group Inc (The)
Chemed Corp to Roto-Rooter Inc
Texas Biotechnology Corp to
Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc

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