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In his column about the sentencing of James Kopp, Donn Esmonde claimed to have gotten a view of the workings of Kopp's brain. He spared nothing in his list of derogatory comments about Kopp's appearance, demeanor and emotional and mental status. He claimed that well into Kopp's statement, the whole thing became "tiresome." Maybe a better word would be "troubling."

Many in the courtroom audience were ill-prepared for the raw truth that Kopp painstakingly revealed about abortion and those whose business it is. Esmonde's diatribe ridiculed, but didn't attempt to refute, Kopp's well-researched and documented account of the connection between the Eugenics movement, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and Hitler's holocaust.

While labeling Kopp's convictions "half-baked," Esmonde admitted that Kopp offered numerous "top-shelf" quotes in support of his beliefs. With quotes from Scripture, papal encyclicals, Church Doctor and Episcopal documents, Kopp's conviction that life is sacred, abortion is murder and anyone who provides, procures or assists in abortion in any way is morally culpable, was supported over and over again.

Speaking of half-baked logic, while claiming a societal struggle in balancing the "rights of an unborn human" against the "rights of the woman who carries it,"Esmonde called for more time to debate, "until advances in technology forge a new path." How absurd! It is not the role of society or technology to determine the right to life. If anything, technology has proved with every advance how utterly undeniable is the humanity of the unborn. Nevertheless, unjust law has protected the killing of unborn life for 30 years.

All people who promote and protect access to abortion do so at their own spiritual and eternal peril. The voicing of this conviction is not an "arrogant, self-righteous" Kopp exonerating himself and blaming others. It is the simple truth.

Grand Island

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