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All My Children: Erica turned the tables on Michael at his press conference by announcing that the formula he stole from her was a fake, then cut a deal with Alexander to have her replace Michael on the Cambias board. Michael was arrested, but Aidan posted his bail, and they agreed to take down Cambias Industries. Erica was later frightened when Michael appeared at her office. Lena was overwhelmed with emotion when her mother arrived in town. Evan tracked down Maria through the stolen cell phone and threw Maddie in the water. As Maria dived in to save her child, she got a major memory flashback. Henry shocked Maggie by proposing to her, which she rejected. Coming: Shattering news for Anna and David.

As the World Turns: Hal overheard Rosanna swear that she's going to get Carly out of her life for good. Later, Jack became concerned when he couldn't find Carly. Barbara agreed to drop the charges if Craig turns over Monte Carlo to her, and Craig took the deal. Brackett wanted nothing more do to with Dusty after finding out he works for Spangler. Dusty was ready to leave town when Rose asked him to stay. John warned Susan about Rick after hearing Rick say he didn't want Bob to step down and let John get the job. Bonnie began her sentence of community service. Coming: Alison faces a crisis.

Bold and Beautiful: Eric was floored to witness a romantic kiss between Bridget and Ridge and denounced Ridge for it, then confronted Massimo for encouraging their relationship. Erica was later startled to find Jackie at the beach house, but they were also intrigued with each other. Ridge tried to convince Brooke that she is still the only woman for him, but a fed up Brooke told Ridge she deserves better and ordered him out of her house. Darla decided not to tell Macy about her night with Thorne but did reveal that she's pregnant, leaving Macy happy for her friend, but also a little jealous. Coming: Bridget makes a decision about Ridge.

Days of Our Lives: Philip claimed not to know why he was transferred out of his company, but was shown to be carrying an automatic weapon in his bag. Later, Philip donned scuba gear and sent a mysterious message to someone. Rex obtained the DNA samples, only to discover that he and Belle are not related. Following Chloe's audition, Madam Marin offered her a job with an opera company in Europe. Marlena slapped Tony when he kissed her, then told John she was wrong about Tony and he must be stopped. Meanwhile, John ordered Ops to plant a tracking device on Lucas. Hope decided to join Bo in his hunt for Vin. Coming: Abe and Lexie greet a new arrival.

General Hospital: Elizabeth decided not to terminate her pregnancy and eloped with Ric, but a vengeful Faith later pushed Elizabeth down a flight of stairs. When Maxie collapsed after taking a pill she got from Zach, many feared an influx of drugs was causing havoc in Port Charles. Luke beat Lucky, Nikolas and Summer to the supposed treasure in the Cassadine palace but he revealed the trunks were full of useless currency. Luke then accused Lucy of choosing Nikolas over him. Emily spent a perfect day with Zander, but didn't tell him about her cancer. Coming: Skye wants Kristina for herself.

Guiding Light: After Marina stumbled upon the dead body of Eden's call girl, Jeffrey and Gus realized both murder victims were moved after death. Ben snuck away from his liaison with Mrs. Hendon to meet Marina for her 18th birthday, but had a guilty conscience and couldn't sleep with her. When Ben returned, he found Mrs. Hendon dead. Gus realized Alan has been trying to buy his affection, but was moved anyway. Harley quit the force after Jeffrey made a pass at her. Phillip learned the paternity tests are ready. Coming: Alan plots to get his desires.

One Life to Live: The mystery man introduced himself to Dorian as Walker Laurence, Mitch's brother. Walker stole the diamond from Blair's safe and showed Mitch proof that Jessica was part of Dorian and Blair's plot. When Cole took Carlotta and others hostage, Natalie managed to alert Cristian, winning Carlotta's appreciation. Antonio overpowered Cole, who was arrested. Joey shared a hot kiss with Jen but pulled back from making love, hurting Jen. Jen later lied to Andrew that Joey took advantage of her and they had sex. Evangeline offered to help R.J. finance his new club. Coming: Danger awaits Blair and Dorian.

Passions: Sam told Grace they're through if she leaves with David, but Grace did so anyway, believing she was doing what's best for her relationship with Sam. Charlie had a fit when she overheard Beth vow that she's going to marry Luis, prompting Beth to cover that it's all part of her plot against Sheridan. Fox acted fast when Chad confided his intent to propose to Whitney right away. A guilt-ridden Kay shocked Ivy with her desire to tell her parents about the plot to break them up. Eve started to tell her friends about Ivy's scheme, but couldn't go through with it. Coming: Ivy catches Julian and Eve together.

Port Charles: Joshua was determined to assert his control over Port Charles, and stepped things up by having Jamal turned into a vampire. When Joshua told Ricky he'd replace him as lead singer unless Ricky causes Casey's downfall, Ricky agreed to try and get her to slip from grace. Alison urged Livvie to work with her to triumph over Joshua, but Livvie remained insecure at the prospect of losing Caleb. Rafe gave Lucy and Ian the antidote to Livvie's poison for safekeeping. Coming: Rafe suffers in a battle with Frank.

Young and Restless: When Charlotte revealed that she had put her name on the birth certificate of the child that Kay had while separated from Gary Reynolds, Kay was stunned to discover that Jill is really her daughter. Neil suggested bringing in Damon Porter, who developed the Satine line, but Victoria was cautious. Meanwhile, Dru took Damon's business card off Neil's desk and called him, setting up a meeting about him working at Jabot. Cassie coldly told Sharon that she doesn't need her. Colleen informed J.T. that she saw him kissing Anita, and was further devastated to realize that he had slept with her. Coming: Isabella has to come clean to Paul.

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