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I was disheartened to read the commentary by Bob DiCesare on May 16 that was laced with jabs at Joe Mesi and his team. I, as well as other people in this community, do not agree. Joe is a determined, upstanding, community-minded young man with much character and a definite goal. He is pursuing his dream of becoming heavyweight champion of the world. We all have dreams and set goals for ourselves. Sometimes we reach our goals and sometimes not. The important thing is to work at achieving those goals, while giving it your all, something I believe Joe is doing.

The course should be planned and needs to be flexible to accommodate challenges as they come along. I disagree with DiCesare's assessment that there has been mismanagement and miscalculation. Let's not criticize the management unless you've walked in their shoes or know what their strategy is. His team has made decisions to achieve their goal of heavyweight champion. Let's give him a chance to reach that goal.

Joe has worked hard for our local community in many ways. He was awarded for his community service in March by Daemen College. He has been a wonderful role model for the young people in our community. That is the example that we need to set for our young people, the importance of having goals and working toward making those goals realities. Instead of criticizing, I suggest we rally behind our hometown boy and support him in achieving his goal, which will ultimately boost Buffalo. Let's get out there, buy tickets and support Baby Joe Mesi.

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