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I am writing to correct the negative impression of Sen. Hillary Clinton's record set forth by Douglas Turner in his article, "Falling out of favor?"

As far as the Southern Tier is concerned, Clinton is very much "in favor." We hold her in high esteem, not because of who she is, but rather because of what she has done for our region.

Turner is right about one thing. Clinton promised to help upstate. And she has delivered and continues to deliver for us.

Most recently, she traveled to Corning to announce her plans to get hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding to retrofit diesel-powered school buses with technology made in Corning. This technology will substantially reduce particulate matter and other harmful pollutants. Her solution will safeguard schoolchildren and create jobs in Corning, a winning combination.

In addition to this important initiative, Clinton has a growing list of accomplishments:

She secured $3 million in federal funding for I-99 construction.

She helped appropriate federal funding from various sources to support the Infotonics Center of Excellence in Rochester.

She held a conference on broadband communications in Canandaigua, to help educate local officials on the technology and how to access federal funds to finance its deployment.

She encouraged the Federal Communications Commission to make its historic decision on Feb. 20 that will significantly accelerate deployment of fiber-to-the-home to the benefit of the entire nation and to the people in the Southern Tier, who have suffered from the decline of the fiber-optics market.

This significant list of accomplishments doesn't even include the multitude of bills that she has introduced to help upstate. This strong record of accomplishments has been achieved in a very short tenure in the U.S. Senate. It is clear that Clinton is delivering for Upstate New York.


Vice Chairman and
Chief Financial Officer
Corning Inc.

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