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Bruce Willis is lending his famous, gravelly voice to the animated character, Spike the dog, in "Rugrats Go Wild." He not only talks as Spike but will sing a duet with the Pretenders' rock icon, Chrissie Hynde. She plays Siri the leopard. Bruce comments: "Chrissie has a great voice, really sultry, and it suits her character. So does mine -- I pretty much sing like a dog!"

Whatever happened to the very hot Diego Luna from the acclaimed movie "Y Tu Mama Tambiin?" Well, he is in Puerto Rico working on a film titled "Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2." This is not a sequel to the beloved Patrick Swayze-Jennifer Grey smash hit of 1987. No, Diego's movie is set in Cuba during the Castro revolution and it also stars TV's Sela Ward as well as Romola Garai. There's a rumor Swayze will make a cameo appearance.

I always feel reassured when I turn on Turner Classic Movies and find host Robert Osbourne. For years this veteran scribe from The Hollywood Reporter has been telling us all there is to know about those golden, olden days of Hollywood. Here's the good news: Robert has been signed by TCM for three more years as host.

There's not much chance of this happening, but what if the now closed musical "Urban Cowboy" won the Tony for best original score? (Yes, it was nominated!) That would mean that 30 individual creators of the music and lyrics for this one show would have to go up onstage to accept the Tony. Wow!

Lorna Luft is flooding audience tear ducts at the Cinegrill in Hollywood, where she sings a counterpoint to her mother Judy Garland's famous "Over the Rainbow." Lorna has a new concert offering, "Songs My Mother Taught Me," which enlisted the talents of Ken and Mitzi Welch. It's a knockout show!

Meanwhile, her famous sister, Liza Minnelli, is getting ready to sing with Luciano Pavarotti in Rome.

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