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The Franciscan friars are leaving Corpus Christi Church, pulling out of the neighborhood. I don't know why everyone is so shocked and surprised. Just look at the history of our neighborhoods, particularly on the East Side. It goes back 20 years or so. When things started to get bad and neighborhoods started to change, what was the answer everyone was given: "Why don't you move?" That was the solution to all the things that were going on.

The people who were in charge and trying not to see any of the things that were going on should certainly not wonder what has happened. Look at all the churches that have pulled out, given up on the neighborhood, and the others that continue to survive because of the poor.

The politicians who have been in power for some time and the churches that profess to be helping out the neighborhoods need to take a look around, and so do all of us. What situation are these neighborhoods in today? Everyone says they are helping, but things are only getting worse. The poor are still poor and getting poorer and the rich have moved away. The friars at Corpus Christi are just following the advice that was given to many of us years ago -- they are moving.



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