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Akron officials are looking at some options to repair an electrical transformer at the old substation that was put into service about 13 years ago and has not had a lot of testing.

"I'm sure it can be repaired," Public Works Superintendent Robert. W. Kowalik said Monday.

"We should be able to get it fixed without any major problems. But we have to catch it early."

Kowalik said there is a danger the transformer could fail, leaving the village without power. The village also would be dark during any repairs.

Kowalik feels strongly about having an emergency backup plan for the village.

He also said he is meeting with experts in the field to determine what the problem with the transformer is.

"I think it's essential that we have two transformers in the future so if problems arise, it won't affect any customers while we restore power", he said.

In another matter, board members discussed a request from five Tinkham Road residents in the Town of Darien for access to the village's water supply system.

"They are all within close proximity to a water line that crosses the road," Mayor Ray M. Perkins said. "All have experienced water problems, and the water is not fit to drink. These folks would appreciate it." Board members, at the request of Village Attorney D. Donald Shom, tabled the mater for further review.

Also, officials are working to settle some debris problems. Trustee Michael Middaugh reported on the village ordinance, which requires contractors hired for projects to remove debris from properties at no cost to the village. Under the ordinance, if the debris exceeds 10 cans or weighs more than 60 pounds, removal is the responsibility of the property owner.

The board also agreed to amend the village ordinance on building permits, which has not been revised in decades, raising the fee structure to bring the schedule up to date.

In other business, Village Clerk-Treasurer Daniel P. Borchert told the board the financial computer system has just been updated. "We're currently taking care of billings for homeowners," he said. "The tax bills go out on June 1, and for the first time, this year, we will be able to upload our files from the county instead of doing it manually."

The board also recognized Barbara Thoma, secretary to the mayor, who is retiring after 18 years, for outstanding service.

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