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After reading Doug Turner's May 4 column regarding Sen. Hillary Clinton's record on upstate economic issues, I am puzzled by the criticism directed at her. It seems that some in this community are equating visibility with results. I think we have enough politicians looking for camera time who have little real progress to show for their time in office.

Clinton has conducted herself in a way befitting a true leader. She listened to our community's needs and wants and then carried that message to Washington. Clinton deserves a tremendous amount of credit for driving the public and private sector to create a set list of joint priorities for the region. In other words, she helped us all get our act together.

Because of her efforts, the city, county and Buffalo Niagara Partnership created Rebuilding Buffalo Niagara -- now in its second year -- which is a unified priority list of policy reforms and funding requests that our community seeks from Albany and Washington. This has made our advocacy efforts more effective.

From the list, Clinton has championed two very important issues. First, she has worked closely with others, most notably Rep. Tom Reynolds, to deliver funding for the University at Buffalo Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics. We believe there is no more important issue than this for the long-term growth of this region.

Second, she has taken the lead for changing the Workforce Investment Act that governs how billions in federal worker training dollars are spent. The senator recognizes that more of these dollars must go to incumbent worker training so that our employers can continue to compete and retain jobs in this community.

These are but two examples of how Clinton chooses to use the influence of her office on issues that truly impact jobs and economic prosperity in this community.

She has also brought international business leaders to our community, promoted small business and pushed for the redevelopment of brownfields. These are the type of things she promised to do when she campaigned, and she is following through.


Chairman of the Board
Buffalo Niagara Partnership

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