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In response to Buffalo's financial problems, there are many things the city can do to try and help its plight. I have one suggestion. The city should do whatever is necessary to collect all of the outstanding fines, traffic tickets, property taxes, housing violation fees and water and garbage bills. The city is too lenient on these issues. As a former Buffalo homeowner who was involved in the community, I became aware of just how lax the city is in enforcing and collecting these revenues.

Although the total amount outstanding is a lot of money to the average citizen, it is only a small portion of the total amount needed to erase the city's budget. However, doesn't it make sense that every little bit will help?

Maybe the city doesn't want to be a bill collector. But officials should realize that in order to make money, you must first spend money. Why do municipalities have these levies anyway? They are used to better the community and, in Buffalo's case, could generate much-needed revenue.


Grand Island

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