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On May 11, as I drank my morning coffee, I read with some amusement the whining of a Lockport resident who is tired of stores not having items in stock that they advertise.

Later in the day, I decided to visit my daughter's grave. Katie died 9 years ago at the age of 6. I was doing some spring cleaning around her monument when I noticed a lady placing flowers at a nearby grave. Many times I had noticed that the grave was a resting place for two children.

I walked over and asked the lady if they were her children. They were. I told her that my daughter was buried nearby. Once she understood my intrusion into her private moment, a sad smile came to her face. She extended her hand to mine and we shook hands. My voice shook as we talked, and I noticed that she had tears in her eyes. We shared our pain. Her pain was more apparent, because it was Mother's Day. Our meeting was brief, we wished each other God's peace and I walked back to my daughter's grave.

My point in telling this? I strongly suggest that we are a very spoiled nation. If a store is sold out of an item, so what? Instead of whining, remember those who have real problems. We need to get our priorities in line. We as a society need to take a long, hard look at our priorities and stop complaining about such trivial things.



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