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Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown! From the moment they married, we've all been braced for the breakup. Not happening, folks. Though there's no denying they are a volatile couple, Whitney and Bobby remain solid with 10 years and counting. How solid? Next Thursday the couple will perform together at VH1's "Divas Duets" in Las Vegas. They'll sing "My Love" from Houston's "Just Whitney" CD. (Is Bobby a diva? He's a man who knows -- and gets -- what he wants, that's for sure.) It's all terribly romantic, and Whitney looks glorious again, just like a woman in love.

The rest of the "Divas" lineup includes Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Jewel, Ashanti, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder (is Stevie a diva?) and -- ta da! -- the hot new gal of music, Lisa Marie Presley. (If talking straight from the hip makes a diva, then Lisa Marie is right at home with that moniker.) Queen Latifah, a diva divine, reigns as hostess of the night, airing live on VH1 at 9 p.m.

Ashton Kutcher told People magazine modestly that maybe his eyelashes were his best feature, "a double row!" (Just like Elizabeth Taylor.) But people are still talking about the actor's appearance on "Saturday Night Live," May 3 doing his entire opening monologue in his tight, white jockey shorts. Yeah, it's all about your eyelashes, Ashton . . . Delectable Beyonce is the star attraction of "Beyonce Knowles, Friends & Family" in a pay-per-view concert sponsored by Ford to celebrate its centennial. The live-from-Detroit event will also spotlight the other girls of Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, as well as Swedish pop band Play, the girl gospel group Ramiyah, and Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister. It airs June 14 . . . Tony nominee Melissa Errico ("Amour") reprises her 1993 Broadway role as "My Fair Lady's" Eliza Doolittle for one night only at the Hollywood Bowl Aug. 3. This concert version is part of the Bowl's summer season. John Lithgow is to play Lerner and Loewe's famous misogynist, Henry Higgins; Paxton Whitehead is to be Col. Pickering, and Roger Daltrey, the eternally tight-pantsed, mike-twirling sex symbol of The Who, will play Eliza's old reprobate of a father, Alfred P. Doolittle!

Ann Miller remains the singing-dancing legend from the good old musical days at MGM. Now, she has written a sequel to her memoir, "Miller's High Life," which was a big best seller. The high-kicking Annie, now 80, calls this one "Alive and Kicking," and has pro David Wallace polishing the manuscript.

Ms. Miller remains a Hollywood fable. She made her screen debut as a teenager in "Stage Door," when she convinced the producers of that classic that they could just make the top hat for her dance number inches shorter than the one for the film's star, Ginger Rogers. In this way, Ann didn't appear taller than Ginger, in their duet, which would have been a no-no. Asked if such a change was possible, Ms. Rogers shrugged, "It's OK by me!" The rest is movie history.

I must say I like a good, punchy cover line as much as the next one, but it's cringe-inducing to pick up Marie Claire and read its incredible come-ons. The serious, sensational story "Women Who Survived Torture by Saddam" is sandwiched between these two -- "What Your Look Says to Men" and "Why My Big Butt Rules!" Come on! Has taste died altogether?

We told you back on April 18 that Carol Channing, 82, would marry Harry Kullijian, 83, in the merry month of May. She did, and there the happy couple is in a wedding kiss this very week. You can find them in Modesto, Calif.

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