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Remember the old saying, "Out with the old, in with the new"? It seems to me the City of Buffalo doesn't remember it. Here, it is out with the old, bring back the old.

Although the city never seems to have money for the services people want, it has plenty of money to bring back old Council members and their staff. It finds jobs or appointments to committees for the people who were voted out of office -- the very people who put the city in the condition it is in.

Former Lovejoy Councilman Norman Bakos will now serve as the temporary project coordinator for the new Buffalo Creativity and Civic Solutions Commission, a group to help promote problem-solving skills. Did the mayor, Common Council and others forget that Bakos, along with the others they have kept on staff, are part of the problem? That is why they were voted out of office.

Phil Haberstro, head of the Buffalo Niagara All-America City Committee, stated, "We're blazing a trail here." Maybe the city should purchase a campground in Wyoming County and the trailblazers can go there to "solve the problems of the city." It's no wonder people are running from the city. Things will never change.


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