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The poll as to why people are not going to Sabres games all gave valid reasons but the take on the problem is wrong. The Sabres and commissioner Gary Bettman should note that given the quality of the product on the ice it's amazing how many people are still going to the games.

Last year was a decent team that just missed the playoffs. Management needed to show fans and players something to give us all hope. What they did is virtually nothing. Despite the efforts of the general manager to educate everyone, no one bought this. Other teams with limited budgets can make needed changes so why not the Sabres? A disgraced owner is nothing new in pro sports so that should not be allowed to be the sole excuse for the state of this team.

Coaching cannot be excused either. The coach has a problem with offense. His answer is to find a goalie that can hopefully shut down the other team and maybe his team can manage a goal or two. Now he has been given another goalie to ruin with this expectation. His "style" was tolerated when they were winning but it's hardly a way to draw fans in.

This ugly style goes with that ugly uniform they now wear.

Hopefully new ownership will be able to clean house and begin to right the many wrongs that were done to this team over the years.

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