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December's Book:
"The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd
"This is the kind of novel you will pass from friend to friend for years. It's the story of a motherless young girl who finds her family where she leasts expects it. The richly developed characters jump off the pages. It's an enjoyable story that provokes laughter and empathy from readers."

-- Renee accent Joldes, Barnes & Noble
December's Computer Game
"Metroid Prime"

"Only on Game Cube, this game is going to kick the doors down. It's the first Metroid game in years. It has a completely new style of first-person shooter."

-- Joe Loveric, Media Play
December's CD:
"White Trash Christmas" by Bob Rivers
"Smack the family around to these well-produced and often funny Christmas tunes. 'Me and Mrs. Claus,' the Billy Paul parody, is smooth.

-- Tom Ragan, co-host programming department at Alice @ 92.9
December's Video Rental:

"Kidnapping takes an unpredictable twist as Kevin Bacon brings his spooky aura to the last frame of this suspenseful film. With a young couple's life shattered and tension building, I found myself drawn in to the excitement. If you liked 'Ransom,' you'll enjoy this film."

-- Rich Ritenburg, Hollywood Video