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Now that the Buffalo Sabres ownership problem seems to have been resolved, let's hope Mark Hamister and Todd Berman do the city of Buffalo a favor and formally put an end to the goat-head logo that has tormented this team and city for the past six years.

Granted, under the goat head, the Sabres produced some memorable moments; most notably the Stanley Cup run in 1998-99, and the emergence of perhaps the greatest athlete in Buffalo history in Dominik Hasek, but it also coincided with the financial and emotional ruin of both the team and the city.

Let's not forget that the introduction of the goat head in 1996 became the season of turmoil in the Buffalo Sabres' front office, and led to the ousting of both John Muckler and Ted Nolan. Sadly, the emergence of the goat head was the year we lost Seymour Knox, which would eventually lead to the sale of the team to the Rigas family.

On the city side, the goat-head era brought with it the election of James Pitts as Common Council President, who would eventually tear the city apart with allegations of racism.

Financially, the appearance of the goat head on Buffalo Sabres jerseys coincided with the appearance of a new bill in resident mailboxes, called the garbage fee. The garbage fee became the first clue that fiscally something was seriously wrong in City Hall.

The goat head is a curse -- let's put it to rest.

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