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The honeymoon is over, fans. What is with the Bills? They have been shooting themselves in the foot for three games.

Coach Gregg Williams has had his share of gaffes, like punting on New England's 32-yard line.

Drew Bledsoe in the five wins had 11 TD passes and no picks. In the six losses, he has seven TDs and nine picks.

Chris Watson is killing us. He couldn't cover a $2 bet.

Moulds and Riemersma have been dropping key passes and special teams are horrible, not to mention the fact that we don't have a defense.

Did I miss anything? Drew and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride need to take what the opposition is giving them and nickel and dime these guys to death.

The offense must stay on the field as long as possible before scoring because our defense can't be counted on.

With each loss the players keep saying that each guy has got to do his job. I guess that is a lot easier said than done. If there isn't some improvement, some players and some coaches must go. We are the Titans' jayvee team and playing like it. I don't see how the Bills will make it to the playoffs this year. Will Cincinnati kick our butts too?

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