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Dear Eunice Farmer: My 7-year-old daughter thinks it would be fun to have a "mother and daughter" jumper for the holidays. What do you think? What fabric would be appropriate for both of us?

- Lucie H.

Dear Lucie: It's a great idea. You should be thrilled that she still values your opinion about clothes. I suggest Simplicity 5979, available in children and misses sizes. For fabric, why not use pinwale corduroy or velveteen for a festive holiday look? I love the flounce at the hemline, which is not only very new, but a fun embellishment as well. You can dress the jumper up or down depending on the blouse or shirt you combine it with.

Silk brocades

Dear Eunice Farmer: In searching for a beautiful brocade to make a holiday jacket, I found some silk brocades that were only 27 inches wide. None of the patterns give this width. What do you suggest?

- Marcie P.

Dear Marcie: The silk brocades you are referring to were woven to be used for Oriental obi sashes. You will be somewhat limited in your jacket selection because of the width. Place the pieces of your pattern on a piece of paper that measures 27 inches. You will be able to see how much extra length you will need. You will need two lengths for the back with a center back seam, etc. It can be done, and it will be beautiful and worth the extra time it will take to plan your garment.

Lining sheer blouse

Dear Eunice Farmer: What is the most professional way to line a sheer blouse?

- Bette M.

Dear Bette: There are several options. First, you can make the blouse front and back using a double layer of the fabric. If you are working with a print, you can use sheer organza or chiffon for the under layer of fabric.

You could also opt for a beautiful camisole for a lingerie look, which is so popular this fall. Your options depend on how dressy you want the blouse. Try several choices before you decide. The choice is yours.

Tip of the week

Since the selvage on all fabrics is cut away and thrown out, I've found a good use for it. I cut it off before working with my fabric and roll it into a ball. It can later be used to tie up my plants when needed, instead of using plastic ties - much softer, too.

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