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I assume others are to the point of frustration we all reach when we cannot seem to focus on daily routines without thinking about the crisis the United States finds itself in, with the threats of terrorism from Iraq, Afghanistan and so on.

I am tired of all the coverage given to those who would march at a minute for any cause, all for exposure, especially that which puts our country in a very poor light. I'm not opposed to free speech -- obviously, as I am exercising that right in this letter. However, I find little benefit in all the nay-sayers who beat the drum for political reasons.

Some of these groups are supported by the exact people we are threatened by. Yet many blindly follow the crowd. Most of those I see on the television look like throwbacks from the hippy period, college students young enough to have little or no exposure to wars, let alone any military experience, yet they feel they have all the answers to the world's problems.

I don't feel I qualify as an expert, but at least I have been exposed to what war can do and its consequences. Do people really believe that men such as Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein can be rationalized with? They have an agenda and will not be deterred, even at the expense and suffering of their own people.

We can sit back and wait for another 9/1 1 or we can better prepare ourselves and even take the offensive, if necessary. Let's put your country and its people in a more secure world. I don't want my grandchildren to walk in fear in the land of the free.

Although I do not agree with everything our government is doing, I will support it as best I can. I am not following blindly, afraid to protest. I do that frequently, but not by vilifying my country. Strengthen our position and demonstrate a united front -- that is the message most feared by the terrorists.


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