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HOT VIEWING: "Saved by the Bell: The E! True Hollywood Story" premieres at 8 p.m. Sunday. What could possibly be revealed? That Screech was really an ultrasuave ladies' man off set? That Jesse and Kelly (or Zack and Slater) had huge crushes on Mr. Belding?
HOT DRIVE-THRU: Buffalo makes another step toward being more like a happening city. The Starbucks at Delaware and Kenmore avenues has a drive-thru! Yeah, I know -- you could get coffee at Timmy H's without getting out of your car for some time now, but this really puts us in the big leagues.
HOT TWIST TO THE "BACHELOR" STORY: Tabloids have reported that Aaron's been spending some time in Alabama, the home of runner-up Brooke. Now that would make for exciting television!
HOT GRUDGE: What's Eminem's problem with Christina Aguilera? They actually seem like they'd make a great pair.

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