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I was a patient of Dr. Barnett Slepian for more than 12 years. I am now 67. Slepian had a private practice treating many older people like me.

I am a Catholic and have raised five children. Slepian also delivered one of my 10 grandchildren. James Kopp has said that he knew nothing much about Slepian. I guess not! He delivered many healthy babies. He took care of many women past their child-bearing years. He was a caring man who dearly loved his family. He had pictures of them in his office and was so proud of his sons and wife. Every time I saw him, we talked about our families.

I would like Kopp to know that Slepian was a valuable man, who cared for family, friends, patients and his community. He believed in helping women in trouble.

I don't believe Kopp when he says he didn't mean to kill him. He hid behind this wonderful man's home and waited patiently until he had a good shot. Then he aimed carefully and killed Slepian in his own home where his family would have to watch him die. I would like Kopp to understand that many people consider him to be a coward and a murderer. This trial should not be an opportunity for our community to become embroiled in another debate about abortion. It should be an opportunity for our community to take a stand against murder.


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