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I am writing in response to the letter concerning trails in Orchard Park. As a member of the Orchard Park Trails Task Force, I was picked by the Town Board to investigate the wishes of the residents. The group had no hidden agenda and was not pro-trails. Although the task force was formed in response to the Eagle Heights Trail controversy, it did not focus on it, other than to use it as a bad example of trail planning and implementation.

The report simply presents the results of the townwide investigation and the experiences of many communities across the country regarding trails. The main recommendation of the task force was to incorporate trails into a master plan, since it was found that Orchard Park wants trails. Inclusion into a master plan would foster involvement of the community at large, and address any concerns before planning or funding was initiated.

It is recommended that citizens read the report at, form their own opinion and then get involved in the planning process.

Orchard Park

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