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An agreement between the Village of Akron and the Town of Newstead for sewer and water services has been approved.

Village officials have determined that there is sufficient capacity, above its reasonable needs, in the sewage-treatment plant on Lewis Road and the village water system to provide services to various portions of the town beyond the boundaries of the village.

The agreement that includes a number of details had been agreed upon after a joint meeting of the two boards last week.

The town will provide a written application to the village requesting service, and include a description of the area to be served, as well as the type of entity that the town intends to create -- district or improvement area.

Also, the town will submit an estimated demand in gallons per day, along with a preliminary drawing of the facilities to be built in the area to be serviced.

Village engineers will review the feasibility of providing the service, determine whether any improvements will be required to the village system, and review the system's overall capacity.

The boards will jointly review the plans prepared by the engineers. If approved by both governments, the town will prepare more detailed engineering plans for the proposed area or district to be serviced. The town and village will each adopt and/or update local ordinances governing the sewer service.

"We're very pleased," Newstead Supervisor Gerald F. Summe said. "This fosters community. It will also retain and grow jobs in the area."

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