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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending Nov. 8, 2002.


1588 Homecourt, Donald Brzezicki, Eileen Brzezicki to Thomas Gadd, Jean Gadd, $123,000.

1145 Greenfield Ave., June Aquila, Sam Aquila to Norman Rzepka, Donna Rzepka, $61,800.


311 Forest Edge Dr., Mikko Makela, Janice Makela to Jutta Runles, $117,000.

442 Forest Edge, Virginia Shilen to Sherry Maran, $135,000.

1422 Eggert Road, Paul Degasperi to Michael Hoffman, $89,750.

28 Skylark Ct., Michael Haltam, Patricia Haltam to Paul Mitri, Samantha Mitri, $190,550.

176 McNair Rd., Paul Mitri, Samantha Mitri to Erik Nelson, Jennifer Nelson, $158,000.

16 Union Common Condo, S&G Real Properties Llc to Henry Tytka, Martha Tytka, $114,332.

59 Daven Dr., William Coomber, Karen Coomber to Jonathan Lesniowski, Valerie Lesniowski, $143,600.

293 Country Pkwy., Ronald Sciolino to Joseph Miranda, Nancy Thayer, $62,000.

35 Sunrise Blvd., Peter Atkinson, Kelly Atkinson to Slavko Dakic, Djurdja Dakic, $121,000.

29 Union Common, S&G Real Properties Llc to Elizabeth Digiulio, $132,630.

3041 Hopkins Rd., Yvonne Cassenti, Robert Cassenti to HUD, $134,611.

174 Kings Hwy, Michael Dahm, Mary Dahm to Jason Jakubowski, Kristan Jakubowski, $140,000.

225 San Fernando Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Thomas Bamrick, Jamie Bamrick, $204,195.

523 Windermere Blvd., Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Fatmir Nezha, $44,000.

Brandywine Drive, Herbert Sixbury, Jeannette Sixbury to Martin Coulter, Linda Coulter, $53,700.

465 Hopkins Rd., Unit 4, Janeen Schnitzer, Janeen Dispenza to Jane Hilbert, $56,000.

56 South Parrish Ct., Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Eric Davis, Julie Weisser, $195,169.

232 Glenridge Rd., Gregory Schuetz, Mary Schuetz to Jeffrey Markello, Mia Markello, $183,500.

108 Oakgrove Dr., 011698 (The) Margaret M. Wilson Living Trust to Nancy Wilson, $104,000.

125 Cranburne Lane, Marva Howell to Andrea Hoffman, $109,000.

1680 Hopkins Rd., Lynn Brownell, Susan Brownell to Luke Fitzsimmons, Krista Fitzsimmons, $93,500.

82 Beachridge Dr., Jinsong Tang to Arthur Hadley, $189,000.

66 Olde Ivy Dr., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Paul Todaro, Barbara Todaro, $238,115.

146 Hamilton Dr., Ronald Moats, Diana Moats to William White, Marybeth White, $80,500.

61 Dellwood Rd., Adrian Baus, Katherine Baus to Gregory Kostyniak, $50,600.

57 Ranch Trail, Her Majesty The Queen In Right of Canada to Ralph Coccia, Tracy Tomasi, $150,000.

92 Londonderry Lane, Kevin Shanley, Nicolette Shanley to Daniel O'Leary, $192,000.

206 Garden Pkwy., M. Hadsell to John Militello, Duane Cady, $101,000.

127 Altair Dr., Jan Bond, Charles Bond to Chadrick Brown, Tracy Brown, $95,000.

40 Knollwood Lane, Judith Pantera to Eme Family Trust, $376,200.

40 Roman Lane, Paul Jacques, Monica Jacques to Francis Attea, Mary Attea, $165,000.

283 Harding Ave., Marc Kepner to Howard Kedzierski, Janice Kedzierski, $54,000.

34 Willowbrook, Sahlen Packing Co. Inc. to Joseph Sahlen, $138,000.

5-8 Park Lane Ct., William Barrett, Phillip Brothman to William Zak, $163,000.

161 Park Ledge Dr., William Murray, Mary Murray to Michael Miller, Barbara Miller, $148,000.

207 South Cayuga Rd., Jacqueline Onions to Michael Anelli, Karin Kaye, $180,000.

957 Pinetree Ct., Anna Insinna to Zoe Miner, $117,025.

175 Wedgewood Dr., Emil Petraglia, Gina Petraglia to Michael Dahm, Mary Dahm, $192,000.

195 Marion Rd., Phuong Vu, Jenny Luong to Earl Henseler, Roy Henseler, $61,500.

1291 N. Forest Rd., Jae Phyo, Jae Phyo to People Inc., $190,000.

128 Miller Rd., Summit Village Llc to Rami Azrak, Joy Azrak, $140,336.

71 Greengage Cr, Gregory Mellish to John Moscato, $95,000.

209 Sundown Trail, David Spink, Bozena Spink to Bozena Krystek-Spink, $89,000.

209 Berkley Rd., Carol Brush to Debra Liptak, $87,900.

55 Emerald Trail, PA/MM Associates to Syeda Muqtadir, $40,000.

63 Emerald Trail, John Boccabella, Marianne Boccabella to Mohammad Muqtadir, Syeda Muqtadir, $415,000.

75 Via Foresta Lane, Anthony Cimato/ACP Partnership to Linda Culligan, Kristen Conwell, $59,000.

249 Rockdale Ct., John Lynch, Loreen Lynch to (The) Chase Manhattan Bank, Home Equity Loan Asset Backed Securities Corp, $143,500.

1210 A Youngs Rd., The Barden & Robeson Corp. to Denise Miller, $76,500.

636 Longmeadow Rd., Thomas Cassick, Raymond Cassick to Robert Cassick, $37,500.

47 Meadowbrook Rd., Todd Voelkl to Michael Barbalato, Kelly Barbalato, $148,000.

88 Elmhurst Rd., Harriet McCauley, Harriet McCauley to Gary Burger, Jennifer Burger, $205,000.

3 Clifford Heights, Terrance Brennan, Rosemary Hluchyj to Richard Mapes, $42,665.

33 Fruehauf Ave., Mark Bailey, Cheryl Bailey to Ann Licausi, Frank Licausi, $112,300.

3 Clifford Heights, William Hluchyj to Richard Mapes, $42,665.

2 Four Winds Way, Alden Schutte, Alden Schutte to Michael Endl, Mara Endl, $450,000.


26 Hickory Lane, David Driggs to Michael Phillips, Sara Phillips, $140,000.

900 Porterville Rd., Betsy Heussler to Anne Fischer, $178,000.

1425 Sweet Rd., Kevin Munro, Mary Munro to Robert Ahrens, Dorothy Ahrens, $160,000.

437 Olean Rd., Roy Ticen to Mabel Janiga, $112,000.

1580 Center St., Ursula Lundgard to Michael Szalach, $182,000.

270 Buffalo Rd., Garage 114, Camilia Macpherson to Cathy Fahey, $4,900.


6128 Thornwood Dr., Tammy Hartman, Gregory Hartman to John Anderson, Kathleen Anderson, $166,000.

6857 Boston Cross Rd., Dennis Kramer, Janet Kramer to Chris Morey, $85,000.

7023 Sunset Lane, Kathleen Simcoe to Parker Rauch, Laura Rauch, $137,000.

Vacant Land-7604 Eddy Rd., Full Gospel Tabernacle to Thomas Reid, Wanda Reid, $11,000.

7833 Burr Rd., David Neubauer, Suzanne Neubauer to Christopher Danczak, $189,900.

V/L Feddick Rd., Lawrence Urban, Raymond Urban to Vlade Evtimov, Vera Evtimov, $50,000.

7716 Back Creek Road, Marjorie Ruden to Charles Mandel, Frieda Mandel, $109,000.


1890 Seneca St., Ronald Smokowski, Barbara Smokowski to Charter One Bank Na, $55,000.

155 Potomac Ave., Evelyn Owens, Evelyn Hennings to Keybank National Association, $26,000.

315-319 Fenton St., Helen Grabowski, Edward Grabowski to Kimberly Poczciwinski, $58,200.

713 Columbus Pkwy., Constance Lauria to Alison Jackson, $82,150.

726 Parkside, Joseph Vecchio to Randal Rakowski, Catherine Rakowski, $143,000.

211 Roesch Ave., William Burns to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $58,437.

133&135 Tuscarora Rd., Ronald De Maria, Ronald De Maria to Daryle Mayer, $118,000.

376 Urban Street, City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency to Urban Street Apartments Lp, $250,000.

290 Depew Ave., Samuel Curtin, Erin Curtin to Mary Oshei, $155,000.

52 Monticello Pl., Tommie Rand, Carrie Rand to Valerie O'Neil, Steven Turner, $60,000.

35 Westminster Ave., HUD to Ivory Bouyer, $9,000.

259 Woodside Ave., Randal Rakowski, Catherine Rakowski to David Paluch, Danette Haas, $86,000.

72 Philadelphia St., Rose MacWilliams, Vincent MacWilliams to Dorothy Seitz, $55,000.

61 Regent St., Gary McCooey to Patricia Urban, $54,900.

20 North Ogden St., Louis Ambrose to Alan Casey, Barbara Casey, $25,000.

355 Bristol, Imagine Development Group Ltd. to Dennis Bellini, Delia Bellini, $6,500.

709 Prospect Ave., Shao-Ai Ting, Yuk-Kong Suen to HUD, $32,039.

308 West Ave., Brian Ellement to West Side Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) Inc., $10,000.

314 Hickory St., MJ Peterson-Forbes Llc, MJ Peterson/Forbes Housing Co. to Geoffrey Robinson, $107,132.

99 Brayton St., Victor Rosado to HUD, $60,393.

Portion of 421 Pearl St., City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency to 598 Main Street Llc, $515,000.

73 Page St., Matthew Keller, Karen Keller to Omenicus Properties Llc, $42,500.

33 Stewart Ave., Daniel Blesnuk, Vincent Benbenek to Jose Rivera, $63,000.

114 Rebecca Park, Mary Aquilina to Mary Hodson, $55,500.

376 Northampton, Karen Lowe, Linda Corbett to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $7,500.

74 Susan Lane, Joseph Mullins, Lillian Mullins to Thomas Tiberi, $77,500.

289 Tacoma Ave., Etta Sunshine to Ronald Gaczewski, $20,000.

587 East Amherst St., HUD to Stewart Aberte, $6,100.

16 Allen, Richard Gritzke to 16 Allen Street Inc., $79,900.

600 Main #604, Clayton B Obersheimer Inc. to David Rinaldo, $123,000.

45 Delham Ave., John Denardo, John Denardo to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $95,071.

36 Arundel Rd., Robert Ellison, Robert Ellison to John Sciortino, Dana Sciortino, $91,200.

18 Dorris Ave., HUD to Vanessa Hall, $8,001.

91 Russell, Verne Strible to Krista Jones, $57,000.

16 Eldon Rd., David Miller to Henry Littles, Karen Littles, $132,000.

164 Claremont Ave., Frank Chiavaroli, Mildred Chiavaroli to Timm Otterson, Laurie Ousley, $90,000.

208 North St., County of Erie to Nasco Properties Inc., North American Students of Cooperation, $65,000.

238 Oxford Ave., Investors One Corp. to Teysir Abajobir, $11,000.

600 Main St., U704, City Centre Development Co. of Buffalo to Robert Rehwoldt, Sheri Rehwoldt, $129,000.

57 Weiss, Casimir Tarasek, Christal Tarasek to Gerard Kopack, $60,000.

34 Kradow, Mark Jarzynka, Beata Jarzynka to Charter One Bank Fsb, $35,000.

1316 Bailey Ave., George Brazell, Kate Brazell to Sibley Mortgage Corp., $60,262.

331 Lincoln Pkwy., Susan O'Connor to Jane Schoellkopf, $250,000.

2493 Niagara St., Eugene Anthony to Mark Gottdiener, Jennifer Gottdiener, $82,500.

234 Phyllis St., Donald Wittmeyer to Asia Moses, $34,900.

109 East Parade Ave., Rochelle Reid to Co. of North First National Acceptance, $27,825.

529 Monroe, Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Theresa Williams, Norman Foots, $92,000.

444 Winspear Ave., Lee Howard to Janine Banks-Menifee, $50,000.

229 Lakefront, Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota Na, Norwest Bank Minnesota Na to Juanita Hunter, $136,450.

169 Allen St., Kristin Saperston, Kristin Koessler to Paul Scouras, Constantine Scouras, $18,000.

2 Navaho Pkwy., Margaret Andrichuk to Joanne Schwartzott, $6,500.

586 Winspear, E Lerner to Kerry Ragbir, Savannah Havas, $59,500.

121 Newfield St., HUD to Sara Shea, $9,000.

34 Deshler St., Stanislaw Aleksiuk, Regina Aleksiuk to Kathleen Johnson, $8,500.

153 Davidson Ave., Helen Koester to Cynthia Mcallister, $39,000.

494 Highgate, 073089 Inter Vivos Trust Agreement to Doris Goodrum, $57,000.

195 Crescent Ave., Julia Kittsley, Mark French to David Lapinski, Carolyn Bessette, $165,000.

211 Newburgh St., Andre Haggins to Michael Lewin, Thomas Lewin, $10,000.

31 Hirschbeck Ave., Norbert Wroblewski to Darren Rice, $10,750.

395 West Utica St., David Sajdak to CPC Nominee 1 Inc., $101,891.

79 Koons St., Keith Goss to Bankers Trust Co. of California Na, $36,628.

1299 & 1301 Fillmore, City of Buffalo to Hopewell Baptist Church, $10,000.

3121 Bailey Ave., Raymond Dweck, Dorothy Dweck to Washington Surplus Center Inc., $35,000.

86 Tuscarora Rd., David Kelly to Dennis Long, Judith Long, $84,000.

37 Gatchell St., Dennis James to Federal National Mortgage Association, $38,464.

171 Potters Rd., Charles Flynn to Jacqueline Roche, $60,000.

184 Albany St., Roman Catholic Nativity of The Blessed Virgin, Roman Catholic Nativity of The Blessed Virgin to Misionera Inc. Mi Concilio De Iglesias De Cristo, of Christ Council of Missionary Churches, $90,000.

294 Cedar St., James Causey, Belle Causey to Corey Davis, $10,000.

65 Russell St., Timothy Brown, Laura Brown to Bruce Bommer, Linda Bommer, $115,000.

353 Hampshire St., Litton Loan Servicing Lp to Kim Nguyen, $9,000.

184 Highgate Ave., Allen Preischel to Adriane Williams, $67,350.

119 St., James Pl., Michele Krebs to John Harper, Susan Leone, $100,000.

336 Minnesota Ave., Rachel Todtenhagen, Rachel Spector to Annette Kicinski, $45,500.

68 Covington, Susan Koch, Susan Rechin to Robert Ellison, Thomas Camuso, $130,000.

1057 West Ave., HUD to Han Moe, $11,400.

707 Parkside Ave., Hilary Staszak to David Lutz, Molly McDermott-Lutz, $130,000.

117 Newburgh St., Bankers Trust Co. to Entrust Administration Inc., $20,400.

605 East Amherst St., Norman Bork, Norman Bork to 604 E Amherst Trust, $18,000.

2084 Bailey Ave., Victor Colon to Countrywide Home Loans Inc., $49,067.

430 Crescent Ave., Douglas Tinklepaugh to Daniel Sidari, Telanda Sidari, $145,000.

92 Fairfield St., Matthew Severyn to Kathleen Simcoe, $72,000.

49 Henrietta Ave., Deborah Passero to Michael Fronczak, $45,000.

59 Hubbell Ave., HUD to James Roberts, $10,100.

600 Main St., U603, City Centre Development Co. of Buffalo to Douglas Levy, $143,000.


34 Norine Drive, Timothy Lumadue, Cheryl Lumadue to Joseph Nero, $80,030.

591 Roycroft Blvd., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Patricia Dann, $98,580.

55 Trudy Lane, Emily Kaczmarek, Chester Kaczmarek to Leon Dywinski, Patricia Dywinski, $42,500.

218 Medina St., Joseph Czarnota, Valerie Taylor to James Horsley, Carolyn Horsley, $73,000.

91 Alpine, Sandra Walczak, Paul Walczak to Chad Blackley, Dean Blackley, $,299.

808-848 French Rd., Erwin Walker, Victoria Walker to 808-848 French Road Llc, $399,960.

128 Rushford Hollow Dr., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Donald Johns, Marion Johns, $177,822.

2 Harvert Lane, Mark Markiewicz, Elinor Markiewicz to Mark Christel, $120,000.

51 Jeffrey Dr., Leonard Derylak, Darlene Derylak to Belinda Lafalce, $87,000.

2501 Union Rd., Alfred Zarzour, Amira Zarzour to Cash Register Sales&Service Co., $74,000.

28 Rogers Drive, Henry Tytka, Martha Tytka to Doni Sudira, Elly Sudira, $74,900.

50 S. Rossler Ave., Harry Guzek, Theresa Guzek to Joseph Wnuk, Eleanor Wnuk, $81,000.

172 Rushford Hollow Drive, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Thomas Vaughan, Carol Brush, $180,625.

175 Alaska St., Diana Prellwitz, Mary Petrone to Diana Prellwitz, Derek Prellwitz, $25,000.

95 Claude Dr., Kathleen Zynda to Paul Zynda, $35,370.

153 Woodell Ave., Patricia Wojcik, Patricia Waligora to Shentelle Bell, $68,500.

83 Aurora Dr., Dennis Valentic, Marcia Valentic to Reba Osborne, $72,000.

263 Dean Rd., Joanne Meier, Daniel Alessi to Michelle Dombkiewicz, $84,500.

31 Nassau Lane, Edward Wagner, Adele Wagner to Kathleen Darcy, $116,000.

177 S Huxley Dr., Michael Faust, Kenneth Faust to Travis Lodyga, $74,000.

11 Wellington Rd., Bank One National Association, First National Bank of Chicago to Frank Buczkowski, Joyce Buczkowski, $63,000.


9015 Michael Douglas Dr., Cimato Enterprises Inc. to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes, $43,000.

10435 Tillman Rd., Krista Shrader, Krista Zimmerman to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $105,834.

4080 Elma Rd., Scott Wallace, Maria Wallace to Scott Gimbrone, Cindy Neuroth-Gimbrone, $159,900.

8937 Stonebriar Dr., Legrande Builders Inc. to Alexander Horvath, Darlene Horvath, $74,900.

V/L 5489 Pine Loch Lane, KNF Ventures/Cimato Bros Joint Venture to Palumbo Custom Homes Inc., $64,000.

7887 Northfield Rd., Ferdynand Zdyb, Nancy Zdyb to Anthony Ferrentino, Kristan Ferrentino, $260,000.

8215 Golden Oak, Bhavesh Kamdar, Bhavesh Kamdar to Linda Gidwitz, $375,000.

5472 The Village Station1, (The) Bruno Nervo Living Trust to Craig Bernhardt, $150,000.

9100 Via Cimato Dr., Laspisa Home Builders Inc. to Steven Olsson, Nancy Olsson, $215,900.

4454 Westwood Rd., Steven Olsson, Nancy Olsson to Timothy Brodene, Michelle Brodene, $114,900.

8533 Transit Rd., Mary Eichinger, Mary Eichinger to Joseph Bowden, Janice Bowden, $250,000.

5489 Pine Loch Lane, Palumbo Custom Homes Inc. to Philip Kuruvilla, Susan Kuruvilla, $413,500.


Knapp Road V/L, Leonard Struzik, Anna Struzik to Robert James, $60,500.


V/L West Becker Rd., Diane Harvey to Terry Gabel, Pauline Gabel, $15,970.


V/L Springville, F. Clarke to David Kish, $10,000.

11965 Drake Rd., Larry Ovitt to Sean McCarthy, Holly McCarthy, $290,000.

17 Woodstock, Dennis Grimm to Dale Grimm, $90,000.

17 Maple Ave., Gary Spalti to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc., Norwest Mortgage Inc., $55,121.

10669 Manchester Rd., Russell Benfanti, Tracie Benfanti to Michael Koch, Susan Koch, $300,000.


9101 Sauer Rd., Marie Keller, Joyce Krazmien to Nicholas Schmitt, $70,000.

4010 North Boston Road, Matthew Herzog, Diane Herzog to Louis George, Theresa George, $320,000.

7747 Ferrier Rd., Louis Merlino to Joan Marshall, $34,000.

3105 Cherry Lane, R. Borst Construction Inc. to Matthew Herzog, Diane Herzog, $235,000.


Bowen Rd., Norene Jerome, June Cuddihy to Mile Necovski, Harriett Necovski, $21,334.

1021 North Davis Rd., Jeffrey Durkin to Michael Fitzgerald, Marita Lawrence, $184,000.

Bowen Rd., Margaret Ray to Mile Necovski, Harriett Necovski, $10,666.

W Blood Rd., Derek Gniewecki, Nicole Demme to Brian Czech, Susan Czech, $47,000.

11 Hidden Valley Dr., Donald Johns, Marion Johns to Mark Neff, Melissa Neff, $200,000.

2110 Woodard Rd., Norma Fritz, Anna Ziebarth to Diane Mancuso, $128,500.

5 Esther Dr., Leo Gee, Dawn Gee to Joseph Gott, Amy Gott, $145,000.


407 Lake Breeze Ave., John Strychalski to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., $89,795.

Backus Rd., Marie Russo to Thomas Lippert, $20,000.

8696 Lake Shore Rd., Lot 8, Grandview Beach Development Llc to Michele Zaichuk, $134,000.

102 Grove St., Concetta Smith, Connie Smith to Christian Delprince, $86,000.

7054 Brandywine, Scott Burdick, Christine Burdick to Robert Missel, Melody Missel, $83,500.

1601 Old Manor Dr., Thomas Stanley to John Viehmann, Mary Viehmann, $189,000.


4 Driftwood, Paul Chopra, Laura Bell-Chopra to Brian Ailinger, Kris Ailinger, $152,000.

1405 East Park Rd., Stacy Saltzer, Stacy Smith to Terri Henderson, $64,000.

3877 East River Rd., Paul Taylor to Joyce Hill, Douglas Taylor, $100,000.

178 Laurie Lane, Ann Dyer, Michael Dyer to Tracy Shores, $106,000.

4184 E River Rd., Edward McCaffery, Thelma McCaffery to Wendy McCaffery, $190,000.

124 Park Pl., Smith Ventures Lp to John Bartlo, Pamela Bartlo, $55,350.

1844 Broadway, Suzanne Attea, Suzanne Kennell to Gregory Bielec, $84,000.

73 Blackmon Rd., Ann Miller, Ronald Miller to Jack Kostenbauder, Patricia Kostenbauder, $71,500.

137 Park Pl., Smith Ventures Lp to Dean Rallo, Emily Rallo, $37,000.


4791 Lakeshore Rd., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James Przybysz, $60,000.

4637 Mount Vernon Blvd., Elsie Weber to Richard Roberts, Dorothy Roberts, $86,200.

5176 Briercliff Dr., Burke Brothers Construction Inc. to Joanne Barba, $108,984.

25 Pine St., Kyle Calabrese, Tracy Calabrese to Peter Ernst, Kristen Ernst, $100,900.

5256 Lake Shore Rd., Alan Swartz, Judith Swartz to Christopher Kopp, Karen Kopp, $505,000.

20 Madison Ave., Raymond Dickinson, Suzanne Dickinson to Christopher Thiel, Kimberly Thiel, $75,900.

5146 Bayview Road, Duane Draudt to Henry Fisher, Jane Fisher, $222,500.

5145 Alder Ct., George Adimey, Concetta Adimey to Gregory Hartman, Tammy Hartman, $140,000.

6797 East Eden Rd., Parker Rauch, Laura Rauch to Sally Harrington, $140,000.

4135 Beaubein Dr., Laura Hornberger to Chris Kolerski, $114,000.

4775 Bayview Rd., Jude Jacobs, Suzanne Jacobs to Philip Kumiega, Colleen Kumiega, $143,000.

3485 Parkwood Common, Christopher Mitchell, Karen Mitchell to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $218,900.

3058 Pleasant Ave., Charles Rumfola, Roberta Rumfola to Amy Wojdyla, $95,000.

3485 Parkwood Common, Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Mary Disciullo, John Disciullo, $218,900.

2624 Amsdell Rd., Mark Adamchick, Georgina Adamchick to Timothy Wozniak, Kristin Wozniak, $85,000.

13 Salibury Ave., Ronald Burke, Joan Burke to John Niedermeier, Laurie Johnson, $82,000.

5176 Briercliff Dr., Brierwood Village Inc. to Burke Brothers Construction Inc., $14,000.

3362 Creekview Dr., John Disciullo, Mary Disciullo to Antonieto Yumang, Marichu Yumang, $182,000.

9 Sawgrass Court, Eugene Jason to Gerald Wysocki, $205,000.

30 North St., David Corp. to Steven Rutz, Holly Rutz, $122,000.

3312 Queens Lane, MEI of Western New York Inc. to Joan Munzel, $167,900.

V/L Hampton Brook Dr., James Felger, Carolyn Felger to William J. Shoemaker Inc. Deferred Profit, $32,000.

5276 Briercliff Dr., Brierwood Village Inc. to Russell Bickert, Laura Bickert, $46,000.

5360 Fairgrounds Rd., Christopher Kopp, Karen Kopp to Steven Hietanen, Theresa Hietanen, $415,000.

4243 Linwood Ve, Laura Ferrara, Dominic Infante to Brian Donahue, Rose Donahue, $78,900.

3714 Westview Ave., 011395 (The) Charles W Doran Trust to Nicholas Budney, Liliana Budney, $93,500.

3658 Pleasant, Robert Franz, Tamara Franz to Ian Root, Peggy Root, $65,000.

V/L 6838 Alexandra Ct., Tasseff Terrace Homes Inc. to Thomas Wolf, Violet Wolf, $44,700.


215 N Main St., Rex Webber, Michele Webber to Jerry Jirak, $75,000.


154 Willett Rd., Albert Gardner to Keri Chentfant, $75,000.

28 Elm St., Augusta Anticoli to David Desantis, $40,000.

34 Roland Avenue, Dolores Nahrebeski, Doris Nahrebeski to Jeffrey Nahrebeski, $47,400.

81 Maryknoll Dr., Francesco Reino, Frank Reino to Ronald Penn, $78,723.


26 Creekwood Dr., RJF Development Jv to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $33,500.

792 Hall Rd., Joseph Blachowski to Joseph Gaik, Michelle Gerner, $125,000.

7 Fox Hunt Rd., Jeremy Kanner, Andrea Kanner to Peter Atkinson, Kelly Atkinson, $113,600.

98 Southpoint Dr., Robert Faltisco, Patricia Faltisco to Grzegorz Prusaczyk, Beata Prusaczyk, $186,400.

14 Nottingham Lane, Forbes Homes Inc. to Leonard Jernatowski, Barbara Jernatowski, $173,690.

42 Trentwood Trail, Sherry Maran to Charles Emerson, Dawn Emerson, $173,000.

2 Creekwood Drive, RJF Development JV to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $33,500.

17 Creekwood Drive, RJF Development JV to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $33,500.

25 Apple Blossom Blvd., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Eugene Schroeder, Rebecca Schroeder, $211,220.

21 Petersbrook Circle, Joan Munzel to Michael Giangreco, Joelle Allesandro, $121,000.

10 Nottingham Lane, Walnut Creek Joint Venture to Forbes Homes Inc., $35,500.

19 Creekwood, RJF Development JV to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $33,500.

29 Creekwood, RJF Development JV to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $33,500.

77 Hinchey Ave., HUD to Gregory Bunn, $60,000.

10 Nottingham Lane, Forbes Homes Inc. to Robert Faltisco, Patricia Faltisco, $191,880.

31 Windcroft Lane, Windsor Ridge Partners Llc, Windsor Ridge Partners to Gregory Jurkowski, Lori Jurkowski, $276,622.

27 Plumb Creek Trail, Norbert Pudlewski, Dolores Pudlewski to Robert Cornell, Suzanne Cornell, $147,900.

8 Fox Trace, G&S Development Llc to Essex Homes of WNY Inc., $38,000.

97 Pheasant Run Lane, Anne Fischer to Stanley Lowicki, Dorothy Lowicki, $153,500.

323 Central Ave., Justin Besch, Claire Besch to Wayne Besch, Patricia Besch, $150,000.

12 Brady St., Charles Pempsell to Mark Pempsell, $55,000.

27 Aurora St., Virginia Loecher to Martin Loecher, John Loecher, $160,000.

14 Nottingham Lane, Walnut Creek Joint Venture to Forbes Homes Inc., $32,500.

24 Creekwood Dr., NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to Michael Jank, Christine Jank, $240,831.

24 28 32 44&48 Cedar Blvd., Pleasantview Associates to (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp., $99,000.


Clinton St., Larry Lippert to Chad Salvatore, Ernest Gainey, $25,900.

Clinton St., Dawn Hoeh to Keith Wittenrich, $80,000.

363 Cayuga Creek, Joan Bergum to Timothy King, Lisa King, $110,000.


10425 High St., George Lobianco, Annette Lobianco to Katie Procknal, $93,280.

12570 Sisson Hwy, Maurice Seyler to Robert Franz, Tamara Franz, $123,000.


11190 & 11200 Main Rd., Ivy Nicholas to Andrea Braun, $450,000.

11258 Main St., Larry Ziecker to 11234 Main Street Inc., $123,500.


354 Lakeview Ave., Pierce Mooney, Cheryl Mooney to Jason Mauerman, Tammy Cross, $74,350.

5101 Ellicott Rd., Arlene Troup, Arlene Peters to David Peters, $113,000.

365 Independence Dr., Joseph Zizzi, Deborah Zizzi to Christopher Marks, Jill Marks, $285,000.

7850 Ellicott Rd., Steven Moeller to Joseph Zizzi, Deborah Zizzi, $479,000.

7850 Ellicott Rd., Steven Moeller to Joseph Zizzi, Deborah Zizzi, $30,000.

81 Errington Terrace, Michael Graber, Susan Graber to Carol Budzyn, $201,000.

280 Lawrence Woods, Chestnut Ridge Village Inc. to Kevin House, $35,000.

26 Fox Chapel Dr., John Newbery, Diane Newbery to Kevin Munro, Mary Munro, $229,000.

205 Ashwood Lane, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Glenn Colton, Dawn Colton, $250,225.

448 Summit Ave., Steven Gajewski, Ann Gajewski to HSBC Bank USA, $94,076.

205 Ashwood Lane, Chestnut Ridge Village Llc to Essex Homes of WNY Inc., $47,000.

5 Saybrook Rd., Albert Nuccio, Kathleen Nuccio to Jerome Johnson, Heather Lindstrom, $86,500.

2 Arrowwood Lane, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Darren Ferer, Marin Ferer, $302,532.

245 Hillside Dr., Marie Hannan to Cathleen Burns, $124,900.

7865 Jewett Holmwood Rd., Carol Wageman to Warren Davis, Christine Ambrosone-Davis, $262,000.

2 Arrowood Lane, Chestnut Ridge Village Llc to Essex Homes of WNY Inc., $47,000.


10179 Gasner Rd., Deborah Rush-Schroeck, Robert Schroeck to Gloria Pagels, $107,000.

13759 Genesee Rd., John Klimczak to Lori Hilts, John Klimczak, $100,000.

11720 Olean Rd., Mark Balus, Kathleen Balus to Steven Hammond, Melanie Hammond, $110,000.


212 Adam St., Richard Postula, Kristine Postula to Sean Halliman, $68,000.

28 Douglas St., Cynthia Beasock, Pamela Siegler to Paul Karre, Peggy Karre, $54,900.


29 Midland Ave., Joseph Conkling, Cynthia Conkling to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $73,685.

157 Parkhurst Blvd., Virginia Melbourne to Ruta Pundurs, Vitalus Pundurs, $74,000.

65 Wellington Ave., Brian Gerhard, Jodi Simon to Christopher Squier, Gretchen Squier, $86,000.

10 Twyla Place, Edwin Rumley, Teddar Brooks to Linda Cichocki, $62,000.

113 Old Colony Ave., Gordon Hodge, Argire Hodge to Lauren Johnson, $83,000.

117 Wardman Rd., Roselyn Dearing to Joseph Marchiano, $66,900.

544 Englewood Ave., Christopher Williams to Suzanne Robison, $58,200.

3103 Eggert Rd., Paul Martin, Anna Martin to Julianne Parrino, $74,900.

82-86 Tarkington Court, William Wilson, Shari Wilson to Michael Patti, Donna Patti, $37,500.

144 Tremaine, Jean Tanski, Walter Tanski to Pamela Hankinson, $77,600.

299 Nassau Ave., Toni Heider to Jason Mount, $90,100.

88 Kelvin Dr., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Denise Hartley, $52,894.

166 Rosemont Ave., Mark Robinson to Robert Smith, $76,000.

101 Kenton Rd., Lorraine McLean to Nicholas Fasolino, $85,000.

187 Kenmore Ave., Paul Schwenk, Jeanne Schwenk to Charles Ackerman, Deborah Ackerman, $38,000.

500 University Ave., New Opportunities Community Housing Development to Judy Barnas, $97,943.

216 Nassau Ave., Marlene Benjamin to Bank One National Association, $67,042.

410 Tremaine Ave., James Regelin to Greater Buffalo Savings Bank, $55,000.

125 Wynwood Ave., Cynthia Cinelle to Allison Bain, $74,000.

24 Mary Vista Ct., Marguerite Askey to Steven Sherman, $128,000.

282 Abbington Ave., Janet Hess to Joseph Tomasino, Rose Tomasino, $87,000.


6006 Vermont Hill, Eric Bond, Brandi Bond to Prudential Residential Services Limited, $221,000.

12194 Centerline Rd., Robin Buffum to Alden State Bank, $67,052.

6006 Vermont Hill Rd., Prudential Residential Services Limited to Jeffrey Durkin, $221,000.


590 Mill Rd., Joan Burdick, David Kozak to Cindy Wolff, Sophia Kozak, $80,000.

67 Harwood Rd., Alfred Lamparelli, Freda Lamparelli to Christopher Jagow, Rebecca Jagow, $134,900.

10 Joann Dr., Timothy Burns, Karin Rappold to Edward Dombkiewicz, Ellen Dombkiewicz, $97,000.

273 Doris Dr., Audrey Horder to Daniel Jachlewski, Jennifer Bonk, $90,000.

1106 Mineral Springs, TCIF Reo 1 Llc to Duane Hooper, Betty Hooper, $106,000.

212 West Carriage Park, Thomas Nunciato, Lucy Nunciato to Francis Dillon, Donna Dillon, $111,500.

25 Gardenville Onthegreen, Boyle Properties Ltd. to Thomas Jajkowski, Judy Jajkowski, $128,000.

53 Carla Lane, Gregory Graham, Stacey Graham to Jeanine Edel, $119,000.

76 Jasmine Ave., David Williams, Paulette Williams to Joseph Harkins, Teresa Harkins, $79,500.

221 Greenmeadow Dr., Gaslight Dover Drive Apts Inc. to Stanley Piotrowicz, Kathleen Piotrowicz, $57,900.

83 Princess Lane, James Baker, Susan Baker to Thomas Meredith, $106,000.

94 Dirksen Ave., Erie Relocation Realty Inc. to Kenneth Fimbel, Joan Fimbel, $37,000.

162 Allendale Rd., Alberta Smith to Matthew Gassman, Heather Gassman, $85,000.

123 Carla Lane, Daren Senfield to Linda Bociek, $110,000.

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