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In "System is rigged against fair elections," Donn Esmonde correctly pointed out that state legislators redraw districts to help themselves. I agree that our politicians are not likely to give up this power to an impartial panel any time soon, although they should. But then Esmonde claimed that the "best hope" is public financing of campaigns. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Consider the following. Who would create the public financing scheme? Our state legislators. Who would write the rules deciding who will receive funding and how much they will receive? Our state legislators. Does anyone truly believe that our politicians would properly fund their opponents? Of course not! Would they funnel money to third-party candidates? Not likely!

Finally, Esmonde claimed that public financing would "break the strings tying incumbents to party leaders." I disagree. It is a fact of human nature that no matter how much wealth a person has, they always want more. There should be no doubt that if their campaigns are publicly funded, politicians will still look for additional money.

Public financing of campaigns is the worst possible "reform" to our electoral system. It would give the legislators, who already control their districts, control over funding as well.

Southwest New York Representative
Libertarian Party of New York

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