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All My Children: After Mia learned that she isn't pregnant, Jake said he loves her and proposed. As Mia talked on the phone to Jake, a furious Liza believed she was speaking to Adam about their baby, and acted in a way that left Mia's life in peril. A drunken Jamie exposed Brooke and Adam's affair, leaving Liza to finally learn the truth. David, out on bail, admitted to Anna that he knew the drugs he gave Maria would destroy her memory. Maria vowed to make David pay, even if she has to lie on the witness stand. Frank became uneasy when Simone told him that Anthony's hospital records were removed to keep his overdose a secret. Coming: Liza is consumed with guilt.

As the World Turns: The paternity test showed that Jack is J.J.'s father. Julia overheard her doctor state that he's planning to re-institutionalize her and she made sure he didn't show up at her hearing. After Katie threatened to reveal Henry's slate of criminal offenses unless he stops doing Rosanna's dirty work, Rosanna fumed when Henry couldn't give her proof of Mike and Carly's fling. Meanwhile, Mike asked Molly to move in with him. Facing charges of kidnapping, James was stunned when Marshall lied that Barbara will be his star witness. Holden received proof that Aaron didn't set the fire. Coming: Hal and Holden conduct searches for the teens.

Bold and Beautiful: Brooke was stunned when a drunken Deacon turned up at her door taunting her about their secret and refusing to say why he came back. Massimo wanted to reveal Hope's paternity to Ridge, but Stephanie would not do anything to hurt Bridget or the baby. Erica challenged Ridge to a design competition in Portofino, Italy, which Ridge accepted, grateful to Eric for giving him a purpose to live. Ridge was taken aback when Tricia turned into a vision of Taylor in front of him. Later, Tricia and Brooke got into a heated argument about their motives concerning Ridge. Coming: Mark and C.J. pursue Bridget.

Days of Our Lives: Bo was arrested and jailed for murdering Lexie, while Abe and Celeste were overwhelmed with grief. Roman helped Bo escape from prison after Bo sensed a connection with Hope. At the DiMera compound, Marlena had strange visions, then found a letter revealing that Tony is John's brother. Kate painfully signed the papers authorizing the plug to be pulled on a brain-dead Billie. Sami and Brandon finally made love, but their getaway ended when he read about Lexie's demise. Craig tracked down Sykes, who insisted that Chloe couldn't be his daughter because he had a vasectomy 30 years ago. Coming: Bo refuses to give up on Hope.

General Hospital: Alexis gave birth prematurely to a baby girl and told Ned that Alcazar left her to die in the park. Courtney finally realized that A.J. married her in order to get back at Sonny and reclaim his rights to Michael. Skye refused to give Jax a divorce. Jax then learned that Skye played a big part in helping Alcazar kidnap Brenda. Luke was hit by a car while pushing a woman to safety. Although no one believed he ever saw a woman, Luke encountered her in the park. Ric was released from the South American jail and boarded a jet, where he made a strange call and eyed a gun. Coming: Carly confronts Brenda.

Guiding Light: Alan admitted that he switched hospital records in order to prove himself well enough to sleep with Olivia, who was torn by feelings for Phillip while consummating her marriage. Lizzie blackmailed Alan into convincing Phillip to stay at the mansion. Danny got Gus to make it appear as if he is dead in order to expose Carmen. Reva was stunned when Edmund forgave her. Bill lashed out at Beth for spying on him. Marah and Tony decided to start fresh with their relationship. Coming: Olivia and Phillip face temptation.

One Life to Live: When Viki threatened to tell Natalie the truth about Mitch, he vowed to tell Jessica that he is her father. Mitch then told Viki that Natalie is Clint's daughter and he intended for Natalie to suffer through her childhood while Jessica grew up in the lap of luxury. Christian told Jen that he isn't going to marry her, while Natalie informed "Michael" she wants their marriage annulled. Jessica realized that "Michael" is Mitch. A perfectly sane Blair showed how she, Todd and Sam conspired to make the mob figures believe she had a mental breakdown. Troy dared Lindsay to keep tormenting him, but she won't stop his love for Nora. Coming: Natalie learns the truth about "Michael."

Passions: Gwen stunned Ethan with the news of her pregnancy and her plans to move to New York City with the baby. Despite Gwen's shocking decision, Theresa hoped she would get her way. Antonio lost his sight as he approached the end, and offered Sheridan her freedom. However, Sheridan couldn't bring herself to take him up on it, despite Luis' pleas. Grace was devastated to overhear Sam admit that he would have married Ivy had he known she was pregnant. Grace lashed out at Sam, who was offered comfort by Ivy. Liz let Eve know how much she hates her. Coming: Miguel and Charity share big news.

Port Charles: After Tess told Livvie that she loves Jack, Livvie imprisoned her in a trunk, but had to release her when they both started to suffocate. Unable to deny their connection, Livvie believed that she and Tess are sisters. When Tess realized that Livvie had destroyed her doll, she prepared to tell Jack. Elizabeth told Stephen she couldn't see him any longer because she wants to put Alison first in her life. Stephen asked Elizabeth for one last kiss, then bared his fangs and bit her neck. Marissa agreed to leave Stephen's band out of love for Jamal. Coming: Ian and Lucy have trouble denying their attraction.

The Young and the Restless: Unaware that Diego was undergoing emergency surgery, Victoria assumed he left town and slapped Victor in the face for interfering. Nikki told Victor that Nick feels betrayed by Sharon, not knowing that Cassie overheard everything. Jack vowed to a jailed Phyllis that he'll do whatever it takes to trick Diane and free her, but Diane had romance on her mind. Colleen refused to return to New York City, preferring to stay at the juvenile detention center. J.T., who was charged with statutory rape, insisted he didn't have sex with Colleen. Michael blamed Paul for Chris' disappearance. Coming: Ashley and Brad try to make a fresh start.

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