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Carpenter Gregory Colvin of the Village of Wyoming can lay down his hammer and nails.

Or, then again, he can buy the best tool kit money can buy.

He certainly can afford it.

Colvin, a 46-year-old supervisor with North American Indian Builders in Avon, hit the state's Lotto jackpot to the tune of $27 million. He bought the winning ticket, drawn Sept. 7, at the Tops Market in Avon.

Colvin won't be taking home $27 million. He has elected to take the lump sum option, which entitles him to receive a check for "only" $14,689,679. With taxes taken out, that should come to $9.7 million, he said.

Not bad for a grocery run to the supermarket.

"I just came in to do a little shopping and saw the jackpot was up over $27 million, so I stopped to buy a ticket," Colvin said Friday. "I'm pretty impatient sometimes. I was in the store and there were a few people ahead of me buying tickets.

"Because I had to wait in line, I figured I'd fill out a play card to help pass the time. Usually I'd ask for a Quick Pick rather than picking my own numbers. This way worked just fine."

Colvin, who is single, waited to claim his winning ticket, he said, because he had wanted to get "everything settled" first.

He says that for now he will continue to work. "I don't plan on working as hard," he laughed, "but you got to work."

Although he's about to be awash in money and set for life, Colvin said he has no trips or big-ticket purchases in mind.

"I just plan on looking in this area for a piece of property to build on and put a furniture studio on," he said, and invest the rest "for future generations of my core family."

The Tops Market was also a winner.

It was the fourth retailer to benefit from the state Lottery's new Retailer Appreciation Bonus program, and will receive $25,000 for selling the winning ticket.


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