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I read with great interest The News stories and local comments about the CIA's use of unmanned aircraft to destroy a car in Yemen during our war on terrorism. I specifically used the words "our" and "war" because this is not a "police action" or an "operation" -- we are at war.

As Americans, we cannot take lightly the fact that these men were killed in a war against their terrorist activities. They were associated with groups that killed thousands of our fellow citizens and caused billions of dollars in damage. As I read some of the responses of the local Muslim community to their deaths, I was amazed. Does anyone actually believe that the men in that car were out sightseeing? Let's get real.

As for this action being possibly illegal, during World War II, the United States learned about the time and place for an inspection flight by the planner of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto. Fighter planes were sent to intercept and destroy his plane. No effort was made to capture him. Would anyone have shed a tear if Adolf Hitler's car had been bombed?

As for seeking secret information about activities from the FBI, I pray that no lame-brained judge will order the release of the information during wartime. For those millions of Americans who have forgotten, we are at war. Just ask the front-line troops. Many of them are from Western New York. Should our military have sent our neighbors to "arrest" these terrorists and possibly be killed or injured in the process? No! What the CIA did was the correct reaction to their actions.



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