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In light of the ever-dwindling job market nationwide, a bevy of desperate individuals in search of a better life are seeking career paths that lead them to the doors of "high-tech" computer training centers, popping up like daisies across the landscape.

Thanks to a copious supply of federal dollars in the form of grants funneled through these "hallowed halls of learning," the unsuspecting are led to believe their problems will be over upon completion of the course they are enrolled in. What a joke!

The courses run from a couple of weeks to a few months and cost several thousand dollars. The promise of a five- or six-figure income never materializes. For example, completing an A computer repair course with certification may entitle one to a position starting in the $7 to $8 per hour range. Most "graduates" end up in a cubicle with a telephone headset trying to solve a customer's computer problem while following a trouble-shooting flowchart.

It is impossible to fathom the amount of knowledge and information a person would have to absorb to succeed in the highly technical realm of computers today. No beginner could conceivably learn in a few weeks or months the technical expertise necessary to become proficient and competent in any of these applied courses. These sessions are merely condensed versions, which leave students asking more questions after finishing the course than before they started.

Anyone with a true desire to explore the computer field should invest in a legitimate college and spend the time needed to complete the required courses. This is the key to a successful future. I know because I was one of those "desperate individuals" who thought the quick way was the smart way, and it just ain't so.



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