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Movies: Opening Friday, "Die Another Day" (PG-13, Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, with Halle Berry) and "The Emperor's Club" (PG-13, Kevin Kline in a "Dead Poets Society"-type story); next Wednesday, "Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights" (animated Hannukah tale), "Treasure Planet" (PG, sci-fi animation of "Treasure Island," with a song from Johnny Rzeznik) and "Extreme Ops" (Devon Sawa stars, extreme sports and terrorists collide); Dec. 18, "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers."

New on video: Released Tuesday, "Reign of Fire" and "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"; coming Tuesday, "Ice Age" and "Men in Black II,"; Dec. 3, "Austin Powers in Goldmember" and "Lilo & Stitch"; Dec. 10, "K-19: The Widowmaker" and "Stuart Little 2"; Dec. 31, "XXX."

New CDs: Released Tuesday, Audioslave (Rage Against the Machine with Chris Cornell) and Matchbox Twenty, "More Than You Think You Are"; Nov. 26, Sum41 "Does This Look Infected?," Jennifer Lopez, "This Is Me...Then," Kelly Osbourne, "Shut Up," 3LW, "Naughty or Nice."

Concerts: Thursday, Sevendust with 30 Seconds to Mars and Cinder, Showplace; Nov. 27, the Sheila Divine, Buffalo State; Dec. 4, Saves the Day, with Ash, Kind of Like Spitting and Circle and Square, Showplace; Dec. 5, Kissmas Bash, HSBC Arena; Dec. 5-6, Lowest of the Low, Tralf.

Other: "My Fair Lady" through Dec. 15, Kavinoky Theatre; Dec. 10 to 22, "Mamma Mia!" (musical), Shea's.

Part advertisement, part e-zine, Bullseye ( is taking aim at teen Web surfers. The site, a venture of Target stores, uses articles, polls and games to promote a certain lifestyle -- a lifestyle supported, of course, by products available at your local Target! Bullseye's underlying premise, however, shouldn't stop you from enjoying what is an otherwise fun site.

Bullseye has content for both girls and guys. The girls' section features beauty and fashion tips, horoscopes, interactive quizzes and a "Hello Kitty" section where visitors can play a game or send an e-card. The guys' section has articles on extreme athletes, interactive polls and a "Fresh Air" feature exploring offbeat topics like Frisbee golf and scooters. A "Sounds Good" music section features artist bios and interviews, plus music news. (The site partners with LAUNCHcast -- -- to provide visitors with streaming audio.) Finally, Bullseye has a fun games section. One game, "Dorm Room Blitz," puts you in the shoes of a beleaguered college student who has to dodge distractions (pizza, TV, etc.) blocking his path to his dorm room, where he has to cram for his exams. (The weekly top scorer in each game wins a $10 gift certificate from Target.)
It's been a bad day. You bombed your trig test, hit three cones in driver's ed and had a huge fight with your bud between classes. All you want to do is flop on the couch and try to forget this day ever happened. Why not drown your sorrows in a supersweet treat? We think Hershey's Milkshakes are the perfect bad-day banishers -- sweet, smooth and creamy, and no blender required.

The shakes come in Vanilla Cream, Creamy Chocolate and Cookies 'n Cream and have the consistency of melted ice cream. They're all tasty, though Creamy Chocolate was our hands-down favorite. And at a little more than a dollar for a 14-ounce shake, they're a cheap fix for a down day. Look for Hershey's Milkshakes at grocery and convenience stores.

Next time you're hanging around in your bedroom, look around and ask: "Does my room really reflect how fabulous I am?" And unless you can answer with a resounding, unequivocal "Absolutely!" head to the bookstore and grab "Super Suite" (Universe Publishing, $17.95), ultrahip designer Mark Montano's guide to making over even the blandest bedroom.

You might know Montano from his "Cool Room" column in CosmoGirl magazine. Every month, he takes one girl's totally blah bedroom and turns it into a spectacular space. "Super Suite," a collection of all his favorite tips, gets a thumbs-up for two major reasons: First, you get to meet the real girls who live in the rooms, and see what their pads looked like before Montano took over. Plus, the tips are so easy to copy, all you need is a couple afternoons to get your room in stunning shape. He takes everyday objects and turns them into cool accessories -- cookie sheets become a magnetic headboard, dominoes become a picture frame and plastic cups become a thoroughly modern disco ball. And he knows he working on a teen's budget, so nothing is superexpensive.

"I had this little girl follow me all through the grocery store the other day. I wish kids would come up to me more and ask me what they really want to know. She wanted to know all about the dog (in 'Legally Blonde') and if I had a dog like that in real life."

Reese Witherspoon, in Seventeen magazine.

"I lived on a hillside, in a flimsy house that was completely grass. It would shake and rattle and make all sorts of weird noises."

Actress Liv Tyler, on living in very windy New Zealand to film "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," in People magazine.

-- Knight Ridder Newspapers

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