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In his recent "My View" column, Emanuel Fried credits "independent thinking" with ending the McCarthy period and the Vietnam War. Today he is encouraging independent thinkers to join his peace initiative to prevent "soldiers in body bags unnecessarily coming back from Iraq."

Could Fried possibly have forgotten that Muslim terrorists have murdered several thousand innocent Americans, and seek ways to continue the killing? Or that nations like Iraq support, fund and train these terrorists? Does anyone really believe that demonstrations for peace "in hundreds of cities across our country" will stop terrorism?

Actually, the aim of Fried's argument is to frustrate the policies of the Bush administration. So bitter was Fried with Bush's presidential victory that, in a previous column, he called for the impeachment of the five conservative Supreme Court justices and President Bush. Fried's whole plea for "independent thinking" is really no more than a manipulative ploy to disgruntle the populace and win them to his cause.

It is ironic and hypocritical that a self-confessed former Communist Party member should say that "we do not blindly accept decisions coming down from above," for obedience to authority is the earmark of precisely the kind of government he has advocated.

Fried's appeal to protest Bush's foreign policy is, at best, disingenuous and perhaps dangerous to the future of this country.



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