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BILLS (A): Henry averaged 5.3 a carry and kept breaking tackles all over field. O-line was outstanding. Could have run more in red zone.

CHIEFS (B): Holmes had 15 carries for 42 yards after three quarters. He wasn't on the field enough. But he ran strong at the end to seal win.


BILLS (C): Bills needed one more score from Drew. Peerless was open on late INT. Drew hit underneath guys beautifully much of game.

CHIEFS (C): Green missed a few open guys at key times. But he made two big plays with his feet. Holmes and Gonzalez were neutralized.


BILLS (C): Could have been an A if Bills won game. London played a strong game. So did Pat Williams. But couldn't give ball back to Drew one last time.

CHIEFS (D): Chiefs linebackers are a tad slow and couldn't get in ideal position to stop Henry. Way too many missed tackles by front seven.


BILLS (B ): Winfield did great job on Gonzalez. Watson got jobbed on interference call. Can't expect too much more.

CHIEFS (B ): Entered the game ranked 32nd in NFL and did not get scorched. Played super-safe all day, sitting back in zone. Warfield gets key INT.


BILLS (B): Solid game. Great call on onside kick. Good coverage. Rogers had good key KO return. Penalty wiped out early punt downed at 1.

CHIEFS (C-): Stryzinski struggling with punts. Andersen missed only his second FG try of season. Hall didn't do much on returns.


BILLS (B): Well-coached game. Gray drew up scheme to stymie Holmes & Gonzalez. Offense was ready but Gilbride could have run a bit more in red zone.

CHIEFS (B): Chiefs have adopted conservative defense, and it's working better the past three weeks. Offense didn't give up on Holmes.

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