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I am writing in response to the letter in which the writer talked about his "disappointment" in the film "Bowling for Columbine." While the author described his thoughts on the film and Jeff Simon's review, I found it amazing that he had not taken the time to actually see it.

If he had bothered to do that, he would realize that the film is not about gun ownership, nor is it about portraying every gun owner as a psychopath -- just the ones who like to kill people. The film is about our culture and how the media manipulate our perception of things. It asks the question: Why are there so many more gun-related deaths in America than other countries?

I would think every American would be interested in exploring this issue, regardless of whether he likes guns. I strongly suggest that all the gun owners who are up in arms about this film go see it so they can develop an informed, intelligent opinion.

East Aurora

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