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Off center

As the sweater season heats up, one trend is apparent: Asymmetrical -- or split-neck -- sweaters. The look offers a variation of the classic turtleneck, with the turnover collar still riding high on the neck but then splitting open along one side.

To close the gap, buttons are part of the picture, with at least one acting as a closure while the rest serve as decoration.

Asymmetry is nothing new in fashion, of course. Recent years have seen the one-shouldered gown, the asymmetrical skirt and jacket and -- in a revival of the Vidal Sassoon look from the 1980s -- asymmetrical haircuts.

Trend-watchers around the world are noting the trend for lopsidedness, by the way.

This from the Australian, Australia's national daily newspaper: "If this trend toward unbalanced continues, don't be surprised to see the return of the one-gloved look, a la Michael Jackson."

Please, no.
Fashion tip

Looking ahead to holiday party time, here's one of the 500 fashion tips -- No. 303, to be exact -- that Emily Cho and Neila Fisher offer in their book, "Instant Style" (HarperStyle, $12): "Often a ribbon can function very well on a party dress if you don't have the right evening belt," they write.
All that glitters

Colorful glass beads are a big look in jewelry this fall, but one place you're seeing them show up -- especially in time for the holidays -- is on watches. The Chico's catalog, for one, features a Polonaise mixed-metal watch, dressed up with a mother-of-pearl face and gem-toned glass beads for $58.

Of course, you can go for real gemstones -- Movado's new Elliptica Sapphire watches in a rainbow of hues cost close to $3,000 each, for example.

But whatever your budget, the bejeweled look is in.
A makeover for your man

Watch out, fellas. There's a new men's fashion book out there, but it is not written for you. It's written for the woman who knows you best.

In "Make Over Your Man: The Woman's Guide to Dressing Any Man in Her Life" (Broadway, $29.95), Lloyd Boston -- as he writes in his introduction -- offers his female readers the "handy tool that will help you to decide, shape and craft a new image for your favorite man -- one that will match his budget and lifestyle and, most important, your life together."

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Granted, Boston is a well-respected fashion expert. He is the former vice president of art direction for Tommy Hilfiger and a familiar face on MTV, NBC's "Today" show and E! Entertainment's "Style Network."

And he has lots of ideas. For her.

"Most men dress like TV dinners when their women really want gourmet dinners," Boston says.

Again, don't say we didn't warn you.
And finally ...

"I'm worried about my generation. It's so easy to get collagen, botox and dermabrasion. I'm afraid we'll start to look like a science project."

Bobbi Brown, makeup artist, speaking with the Associated Press on how today's high-tech procedures are encouraging baby boomers to artificially slow the aging clock.