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The News persists in reporting, as Bob McCarthy wrote on Oct. 28, that "nobody is seriously challenging Mayor Tony Masiello." I know differently. Since the primary, I have distributed 10,000 brochures promoting myself as a write-in-candidate for mayor, and I plan to distribute thousands more before Tuesday.

The current issue of Blue Dog Press, the only press so far to take my candidacy seriously, has a wonderful article about my effort to topple the incumbent. I'm on the radio. I appear before groups. I answer questions on my campaign Web site. Buffalonians share news of my candidacy through word of mouth, e-mails and faxes. The response to my campaign is phenomenal.

McCarthy is aware of my candidacy, but he is unaware of how much excitement my campaign generates. I sent him copies of my brochure and a "letter" to Buffalonians, which he could have used as the basis of an article or interview, as others have.

I don't have a well-financed, slick campaign. Mine is a grass-roots campaign relying on "we the people" to reclaim City Hall.

We know our political system is broken when it denies us choice. Such policies and practices led to the collapse of city government, and what McCarthy calls "the most dire financial situation in our history."

Our political system cannot deliver leadership, and The News seems committed to censoring my candidacy.

Still I persist as a write-in candidate for mayor. Perhaps it's "write in" that causes The News to write me off. It's a hard win. The public must recognize the deeper, democratic purpose for write-in voting. We use it when it's time to take corrective action, to check politics when politicians go astray. The public gets it.

Thousands of Buffalonians are willing to write in Einach for mayor. Thousands of others will cast write-in votes for me if they hear they have a choice. The power structure is in danger. It's only natural that it would work so hard to keep the truth from the people.

This is a democracy and an election is an open contest. The News missed an incredible opportunity to turn this mayoral election into one of the most interesting and exciting in Buffalo's history.



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