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I am not a restaurant owner and do not have any desire to own a restaurant in the future. But I have a difficult time trying to understand where Amy Pierce, author of the Oct. 24 My View column, "Restaurants short on service to patrons," ate dinner.

I have been eating at restaurants on an average of five days each week for the past 27 years, since my job dictated that I eat my meals out. I also have been having at least three dinner meals out with my family for the last several years, and I have never come close to her experience. These restaurants have included local diners, upscale bistros and so-called exclusive places.

Whenever we have eaten out, our service has been pleasant and efficient. Never have we had a war-painted waitress spill coffee and create the havoc Pierce described. It is really insulting to the hard-working people who are trying to either put themselves through college or support a family in using that description.

My family has enjoyed several favorite places that truly serve home-cooked meals. The salads are not brown tinge, the breads are fresh and the servers are professional. I have commended the staff and the owners whenever I could, and if there was a problem, the managers have taken proper actions to ensure that I will be a repeat customer.

I find it very difficult to believe that one person could have so much go wrong at one time at a restaurant. My question is this: Why did Pierce stay and suffer as much as she did? One or two minutes of discomfort would have ended my stay much sooner. BRUCE A. BELL


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