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I am appalled that The News has not published an article in opposition to the closing of firehouses on a rotating basis. Don't people deserve to hear the whole story? The Buffalo Fire Department has been decimated in past years by permanent closings. Just six years ago, our commissioner closed four companies. The other night, the city closed two companies, and by 6 p.m. there were no fire companies or houses operating on the East or West Side of the city, due to the number of fires and emergency calls.

Whenever there is a fire in Buffalo, the gap in fire protection is so large that companies from other areas of the city have to be relocated to the fire area. This creates a gap in their area.

When the Common Council approved the rotation of closings, members said it was the hardest decision they have had to make in a long time. Then, two weeks later, Council members cut back their travel expense money. Why wasn't that done before they cut fire protection? I guess the decision wasn't that hard after all.

This city used to have 15 Council seats when the population was 600,000. Now that it is under 300,000, let's cut the Council down to seven seats. How much money would that save the city? I'm sure a lot more than the rotation of firehouse closings, and it wouldn't put peoples lives at risk.



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