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No budget, no money, no jobs, no future: The politicians of New York State should be proud of all the uncertainty they cause year after year. After all, they get what they want; they will collect a salary, receive their pension, and better medical benefits for life. In return, we the people, get lip service.

On Oct. 22, Assemblyman Sam Hoyt referenced Oregon to Grand Island. We are not Oregon, we are here. Grand Island residents should not be taken lightly. Hoyt should check with the Border Patrol for the illegal aliens coming to West River and Summerset in August. Hoyt's comments may be correct, invasion or illegal entry may be remote on Grand Island, but it has happened and could happen again. Hoyt also said that we have no need for casinos. This is a great attitude, for the residents of Western New York. Casinos may not be the answer, but it is a business. Try it. If it fails, try something else, but do something.

Incumbents who have their own agenda should be voted out, until we have elected officials who will do more than talk and also get "more than our fair share" of funds for Western New York.

Rebuild and/or revitalize Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and do something with the waterfront. It is about time Western New Yorkers get their heads out of the sand. Vote for a change - good or bad. If there is no change, no matter who the incumbent is, there should be no vote for that incumbent. Elect someone else, take a chance. Vote for change until they get it right.


Grand Island

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