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I was offered a Jim Kelly Club level seat to the Buffalo Bills versus the New York Jets game Oct. 7; of course, I went. I have always been an enormous Bills fan; however, I usually watch the game from my living room couch. This week it was special: I could go and watch from the heated seats at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

I went to the game with a friend of mine, who got me the ticket. We decided to make a day out of it, and left around noon for the 4 o'clock start. We went to the "Bills Experience" in the clubhouse adjacent to the stadium. We paid $5 to get in, and then had to pay for everything else we wanted to do inside. It was $2.75 for a 20-ounce pop. Then we went to the stadium and into the club level seats, where I was absolutely appalled by the prices of refreshments. A 12-ounce pop in the stadium was $3.50; honestly that is a crime! It is impossible to go and enjoy the game knowing how much you must spend on snacks. If you pay between $60 and $100 for a ticket and then $10 for parking and $5 for a program, why would you spend $7 on two drinks?

Mr. Wilson and the NFL, you do not need to rob us blind when we want to come and enjoy a game. Football is a great sport, but the price it costs to attend a game is much too high for the average Buffalonian. Please do something about your prices. They are out of hand!

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