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Doug Flutie called Sunday's 27-24 win over the Bills another day at the office."

His teammates called the remark hogwash.

"We know how big a game this was for him," cornerback Ryan McNeil said of Flutie, whose 13-yard touchdown run with 70 seconds to play provided the decisive score. "He didn't say it to us, and he's a professional so he's going to tell you guys what he's supposed to say. But it was huge.

"We felt the burden on him, and so it was a shared burden. We wanted him to win because he's a teammate of ours. We wanted to win first and foremost because that's our job. But we also wanted to win for him and all the other guys from Buffalo."

The Chargers said the game was as much for Flutie as anyone else. Ronney Jenkins, one of the Chargers' fastest players, gained 72 yards on the kickoff after Buffalo took a 24-20 lead with 1:30 to play.

"I didn't deserve the touchdown," Jenkins said. "There's a reason such things work out the way they do. Doug Flutie deserved the touchdown."

Flutie said he was overly excited early in the game but calmed down quickly. He refused to say the day had significant meaning other than the Chargers needed a win to improve to 5-2 and remain a half-game behind front-running Oakland in the AFC West.

"Another day at the office, I guess," he said.

That must explain why he kept the football tucked against his body as he came off the field after his touchdown.

"That was special," he said. "Believe it or not, I've only gotten six rushing touchdowns in the NFL. . . . And it was a big touchdown, so I wanted to keep the ball. Not that it was Buffalo. That it was the last minute of the game, and a big touchdown."

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