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A few choice words regarding the slandering of us "prima donnas" and on the sport of bowling. A very large amount of "all-stars" have dedicated our lives to the sport of bowling. Thousands of practice games and thousands of dollars in equipment have been spent to either refine our games or to improve them. Why do you think about 30-40 guys in the area win everything out there? Because we are lucky and always seem to have the right ball in our hands? Hell no! How about because we know what the heck we're doing!

I am personally appalled with the fact of getting ripped in this section by people I've never even heard of. Don't recall seeing you at a tournament lately, Mr. Brennan (writer of last week's delightful letter). Until you play with the big boys, I suggest you keep your comments to yourself. As far as the sport of bowling, last time I checked, this was a team sport not an individual one. As long as my team wins, I don't care if they put WD-40 on the lanes. We all bowl on the same shot, so really people, shut up and throw the ball. Nobody forced anyone to sign up for the leagues we bowl in. If you want to bowl sport condition, call your local bowling center for sport leagues. Cripes people, this is a game, treat it like one.

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