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All My Children: Laura lured Greenlee to her turf, where Greenlee was arrested. Jake foiled Laura's plan to further entrap Greenlee by putting Laura's pills back into her own purse, and vowing to reveal Laura's deception if she doesn't back off from Greenlee. Mateo took a gun to meet his mystery contact, and found Roger in the alley, but Roger insisted he is not Proteus and warned of further danger. Mateo rushed home to find an apparently lifeless Hayley. Mia was distressed by Liza's refusal to let go of Ryan. Bianca defied Erica by becoming closer to Frankie and spent the night in her room. Coming: Tad plots to nail David.

As the World Turns: Barbara considered using Stenbeck's information about Rose after seeing her and Paul kiss. Lucinda offered Rose a job as vice president of Worldwide. Following his final confrontation with Jennifer, Bryant angrily drove off and crashed his car, suffering fatal injuries. Billy told Jennifer that they can't see each other anymore, and no one can know about their affair. Carly consoled Craig, which almost led to lovemaking, but Craig pulled back, not wanting to be intimate due to a tragedy. Coming: Barbara attempts to get Rose away from Paul.

Bold and Beautiful: Rick lashed out at Amber, saying he wished he had never married her and that she wasn't pregnant. When Rick even wondered if the baby is his, Amber swore she and Deacon never had sex. Later, Amber intervened when Rick got into a shoving match with Deacon. Meanwhile, Deacon decided not to divorce Bridget after he gave her the chance to walk away but she stuck by him. Tony finally accepted Kristen's marriage proposal, and they celebrated their engagement. Warned by Clarke that this would happen, Eric was at the wheel when Tony and Kristen left the restaurant and got into the limo. Coming: Amber fears she's lost Rick forever.

Days of Our Lives: Jan finally revealed to Shawn that Paul gave her gonorrhea when he raped her. Shawn persuaded Jan to go to a counseling center where she named her assailant, but fled when the counselor wanted her to tell her parents. Meanwhile, Belle was haunted by thoughts that Shawn might have cheated with Jan on the island. Jack learned that Jennifer had accepted a date with Brandon and begged her to cancel. When she refused, he said that he would go out with Greta. Nicole blasted Austin for letting Sami into her office. Mimi tried to make Kevin see that she's really interested in him. Coming: Marlena is concerned about Belle's behavior.

General Hospital: Mac revealed that Sorel's killer turned the respirator off and then back on, and honed in on four suspects -- Sonny, A.J., Bobbie and Monica. Sonny promised to protect Angel after she admitted killing her father. To save Angel, she and Carly were disguised as one another, and Jax got Angel out of the lake house and put her on a plane. Janine's unexpected arrival at the Quartermaine mansion horrified Edward but thrilled Skye. Laura had to tell Nikolas that Stavros is still alive. A crushed Stavros eavesdropped as Nikolas expressed his torn emotions over his father. Roy and Melissa made love. Coming: Skye works to destroy Edward.

Guiding Light: Catalina seduced Tony and Marah saw them making love. Marah sought comfort from Josh after refusing to make peace with Catalina. Josh suspected Olivia might be involved in Sam and Marah's breakup. Lorelei decided to continue being "Beth," without Edmund's help and to carry out the scam herself. Reva went back into the past and learned that someone died at the Robechaux house. Cassie was unaware of Alonzo's decision to sign away his parental rights to Will. Coming: Alan wants Olivia on his terms.

One Life to Live: Todd encountered David Vickers and bribed him to disappear, but David followed Todd and threatened to tell Blair the truth about her baby. Gabrielle revealed to Max that Asa is setting him up, and Max declared his hatred for Asa. Viki was stunned to learn that Victor Lord's will allows Natalie to live at Llanfair. Ben insisted that Rae put Allison back in St. Ann's, but Rae told him of the unconditional terms of Allison's release. Niki began to emerge as Viki succumbed to stress. Troy watched as Sam and Nora shared a kiss. Keri learned about Antonio's playboy ways, and had a heated exchange with him. Coming: Todd gives Blair a surprise.

Passions: Miguel and Charity decided to become engaged on her 18th birthday, while Kay plotted to get Miguel for herself. Theresa remained guilt-ridden but secretive after her apparent marriage to Julian was explained away as a mix-up. Whitney prevented Chad from telling Ethan what Theresa is hiding. Ivy sent the head of Crane security to find out what Julian and Theresa are hiding, and Jerry cornered the justice of the peace. Sheridan believed the man she loved is dead and decided to make herself at home on the island. Brian became more hung up on Sheridan. Coming: Rebecca expects a wedding.

Port Charles: Rafe used dreams to rekindle love between the couples of Port Charles, but Caleb fought back by using children in his next round of attacks. Caleb got Livvie back under his control, and she kidnapped Daniel, putting the baby in Ian's room. Eve was horrified when it appeared that Ian intended to disappear forever with Daniel. Lucy was haunted by visions of Christina, and looked for her in the park. Alison convinced Jack to help her uncover Valerie's true intentions. Chris learned that Karen's blood cells were mutated. Coming: Eve lashes out at Ian.

Young and Restless: Tricia saw more visions of Matt and poured her medications down the sink. Tricia then fantasized about being involved with Victor, but when she tried to bring the images to life, Victor stopped her. Raul told Rianna that to regain control of his life, he must break off their relationship. Nick and Sharon argued when he suggested adoption if it turns out he's not the baby's father. As Nick drove off, Sharon tripped and fell. Olivia felt used when Nick said that being intimate was a mistake, Phyllis overheard Alex's indecision about Malcolm and threatened to tell him what she learned. Coming: Phyllis strikes a deal with Alex.