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As a patriotic American, I believe it is time for Americans to let go of the hate toward people of the Muslim religion and anyone else of Arab descent.

These people are our doctors, lawyers and, more importantly, fellow countrymen who originally came to the United States to seek education and jobs to make their lives better for themselves and for us, as well.

Should we turn on them for taking advantage of the sales pitch that America has boasted for hundreds of years -- the land of opportunity? Furthermore, should we also turn on the people who practice the Muslim religion in peace and dignity because of a small fraction who claim the same religion, but practice only but a perversion of the actual creed?

The tragedies that occurred in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania are certainly of greater proportions than this country has ever seen the likes of, but these are the questions that everyone musk ask themselves before muttering a racist remark or slur. And I believe that it's time that more Americans stand up for these people, who only add to the betterment of the American society and the cultural diversity that has enriched this country for years.


North Collins