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I've been a Bills fan since I was a little kid. I am sorry to say that the Bills made a big mistake in keeping Rob (Hold the ball too long) Johnson.

If they were smart they would have kept Doug Flutie. Then they could have drated a QB in the second round. In two years that QB would have been your man. I am sick of hearing that it is hard to rebuild a team around an old QB. It's not, and the Chargers are proving it.

I am also sick of seeing people at Empire Sports trying to create a QB controversy in San Diego. I also hate seeing people on Empire Sports not admit that they were wrong about Johnson. He had one or two good games in Jacksonville and we give up a first-round draft pick (Fred Taylor) and $25 million to a man who didn't even prove himself. Doug played a whole season before he made his money.

People last year were saying that Doug didn't have arm and didn't have accuracy. But from what I remember Doug had like six touchdowns and 1,700 yards in five games last season. Johnson had just over 2,000 yards and 12 touchdowns with a record of 4-7.

Look at the stats of these two players this year. Flutie has over 1,000 yards passing and a bunch of touchdowns. Johnson has over 800 yards with three touchdowns and 17 sacks. I don't think the line is the fault either, because already Alex Van Pelt has proven that the line doesn't need help.

I hope with our low pick in the draft this year they don't go after a lineman on offense but a lineman on defense. And take a quarterback in the second round.

I know that it's a rebuilding year but the Bills did this to themselves by letting Flutie go. I hope the Bills smarten up and get rid of Johnson.


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